The 52 Week Challenge: Week One

Welcome to the 52 week challenge: a year-long commitment to systematic growth and profit for your business.

I have a shocking story to share with you today. It’s a tale of quitters who seemingly had it all (great website, self-confidence, professional showmanship, etc), but they simply couldn’t hang. They threw in the towel after nine months or two years or too few visitors. Each one of them created a unique excuse, convinced themselves they didn’t want that dream anyway, and high-tailed it back to an easier path toward a cozy (albeit average) comfort zone.

I get it. I’ve almost convinced myself the same several times during my career.

To make certain this doesn’t happen to you, I’ve created a giant, year-long project. Each week on Sunday, I’ll offer you a prompt that will make you think, inspire you to take action, and/or help you figure out what to focus on next. I explain in full detail below, but here’s the gist: Online business is a machine—simple components make up its success and determine how well it will perform. For the next 52 weeks, I’m going to challenge you, via weekly assignments, to build and enhance your online business machine. My theories are tested, my strategies are proven, and I know I can help your business grow.

52 week challenge with Lisa Jacobs

Challenge Backstory

A few years ago, I created a list on Twitter of local creative businesses I admired. I checked back recently—the majority (at least 95%, if not more) quit their dream. Designers pursued other career fields, writers took 9-5 editing jobs, bloggers left the building, and shop owners vacated.

(By the way, that Twitter list has been deleted because this post is not meant to be catty. If you’ve quit a business—as I have—in pursuit of a higher calling, this post is not to shame you. Sometimes things aren’t meant to work out – we’re not talking about that here today.)

Ever since I discovered they’d all quit, I’ve been fascinated by what makes some people persist despite the odds. Because if there’s a thing you can’t NOT build, a talent you MUST express, or a better life you know you were MEANT to live, I believe it’s your duty to pursue it with everything you’ve got.

I hear a lot of noise right now about not setting goals; big mistake. HUGE! I spend a week in review and reflection every year because, you not only need goals, you need to set your mind right in order to BARREL-ROLL toward them.

Some of these quitters had very specific dreams, and at one time, they took their pursuit of those dreams very seriously. I don’t give admiration freely, and I genuinely admired these bloggers and business owners for the work that they did. Years ago, I was intimidated to contact them. I reached out to collaborate or connect—most ignored me.

It’s so easy to create an important-looking online persona. For that reason I always recommend the Alexa extension for your browser—don’t let people trick you with over-confident representation of themselves. The Alexa extension shows you just how popular every website really is, and you never know. It’s quite possible your site is just as popular as the one you’ve been admiring.

When I installed the Alexa extension, I realized that many of my peers didn’t have anywhere near the clout they were touting. Don’t sell your work short by measuring it against the perceived *face value* of others.

Challenge Focus

This year I’m going to challenge you to acknowledge your strengths, and stop babying your weaknesses. Being subtle about your accomplishments won’t help you showcase them, and avoiding your pain points will only prolong them.

The truth is, most business owners know exactly what they need to do next in order to grow their businesses, but they fail to do so. Whether it’s a rebrand, professional services, virtual assistance, web development, product development, email marketing, or quality lead generation—there’s probably a list of things you KNOW you need to do to get to the next level … you’re just not taking the leap.

Now, let me ask you this. What’s scarier: Taking that leap or keeping your problems for another year?

After discovering that Twitter list of quitters, I had the scariest thought: What if I’d quit? Because don’t get it twisted, it’s been very tempting at times! What if I’d tucked my tail between my legs, left this blog because “it’ll never work”, and started all over in a more traditional career? What if I’d never created The Luminaries Club™ (my private group training program), written Your Best Year, or instructed on CreativeLive? What if I hadn’t pushed through the frustration to tap into my full potential?

How much of MYSELF would I have missed out on? 

That’s a much scarier alternative to taking any of the risks I’ve taken. That’s why I beg you to stop being prisoner to miserable things that you can change! Let’s make this the year you shatter your comfort zone to create huge results.

Get Your Barrel Roll On!

The 52 week challenge is designed to help you endure, and I’m going to add some healthy competition throughout. Why add competition to it? Because playing this business like a sport, and surrounding yourself with other people who play it well, will increase your motivation for success.

By playing together, we exponentially increase our collective staying power.

Humans are a pack animal, and individuals always want to be recognized by the rest of the pack. This is why hashtags on Instagram are so popular and addictive. It’s why you check over and over to see if your post is being recognized as a “top post” by the rest of the pack. So, of course we’re going to use a hashtag throughout this challenge: #52wkchallenge.


It’s not about money or sales or numbers, though you’ll definitely see an increase if you play along. Instead, it’s about follow-through and endurance, and that’s a beautiful thing because those attributes are well within your control.

Here’s how to play along:

  1. The challenge contains 52 prompts for business growth. These will be distributed each Sunday, right here on my blog.
  2. Instructions and examples will be found here (Marketing Creativity), and on Facebook and Instagram as well.
  3. The challenge is officially underway—you’re welcome to jump in anytime. Do as much as you can, but take it at your own pace.
  4. Each week, I’ll show you how to use the hashtag, #52wkchallenge to show off your accomplishments.

The 52 Week Challenge: Week 1

Each week, you’ll find a new challenge prompt here at the bottom of my newsletter. Sometimes I’ll link to instructional posts on my blog, other times I’ll link to pictures that demonstrate on my Instagram account or discussions on my Facebook page. Follow on both profiles to stay in the loop.

This week, your challenge is to build an annual strategy.

This plan is designed around the upcoming calendar year and your business’ strongest season. My strategy enables you to keep your priorities in order of importance: Your life then your business. It will not only help you eliminate the scramble, it also guarantees you’ll improve your results and enhance your career.

We’re working out of Your Best Year 2018, page 60—or you can click below for complete instructions.

Click here to get started

Finally, playing this business like a sport, and surrounding yourself with other people who play it well, will increase your motivation for success. Show us your annual strategy this week by using #52wkchallenge. By playing together, we exponentially increase our collective staying power.

Here’s to your most profitable year!

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