List Open Business [Week Twenty]

Welcome back to the 52 week challenge: a year-long commitment to systematic growth and profit for your business. If you’re just joining us, click here for the full backstory.

Each week on Sunday, I’ll offer you a prompt that will make you think, inspire you to take action, and/or help you figure out what to focus on next. Online business is a machine—simple components make up its success and determine how well it will perform. In this series, I’m going to challenge you, via weekly assignments, to build and enhance your online business machine. My theories are tested, my strategies are proven, and I know I can help your business grow.

The 52 Week Challenge: Week 20

This week, your challenge is to make a list of open business. I used to be on the housing board of my last neighborhood, and at the end of every meeting, we went over three areas: open business, closed business, and new business.

I’ve added this to my weekly review process, and one thing I can tell you for sure is that I have no shortage of open business. I bet you don’t, either.

When a new idea is born and you move in its direction, there’s excitement in the air. You’ll likely feel like your buzzing with potential during this thrilling time and become lost in the dreamy possibilities of it all.

This stage is the one we live for as entrepreneurs, hence all of that open business. You’ll jump out of bed full of energy each morning and marvel at how the hours fly by while you gather research, chart your course, and prepare for your leap to the next level.

The next three stages (project realization, the mud pit of completion, and the finish line) are undoubtedly harder, and they’ll cause discomfort. Therefore, you’ll avoid closed business (because you are human, after all—who wants to finish that old, dusty project when there are shiny new ideas to chase?!).

This week’s challenge is simple, yet eye-opening (which might make it stressful). You’ll realize how many piles of unfinished business surround you. Your list will get longer as the days go on, to the point it will seemingly never end.

Make that list anyway.

Then, make one commitment: no new business until all of that open business gets closed. I don’t care if you cross it off, speed it up, or throw it out, but clear that clutter. In a career where completion is key, there’s simply no space for it.

It’s draining your energy and slowing you down.

Show Me Your List

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Here’s to your most profitable year.

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