Create a Task List [Week 21]

Welcome back to the 52 week challenge: a year-long commitment to systematic growth and profit for your business. If you’re just joining us, click here for the full backstory.

Each week on Sunday, I’ll offer you a prompt that will make you think, inspire you to take action, and/or help you figure out what to focus on next. Online business is a machine—simple components make up its success and determine how well it will perform. In this series, I’m going to challenge you, via weekly assignments, to build and enhance your online business machine. My theories are tested, my strategies are proven, and I know I can help your business grow.

The 52 Week Challenge: Week 21

This week, your challenge is to create a task listBecause your work is uniquely shaped to fit your talents, skills, and abilities, you are at most risk of bottlenecking your own success. By doing everything yourself, you’ll create a blockage (literally standing in your own way) that greatly impacts your ability to produce and profit.

Your challenge is to create a task list. Click here to see my example on Instagram, and read the article below for complete instructions.

Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing

I started this article with the idea that I’d list a number of things you can outsource for your business and how to get started, but it grew and branched out like a mighty oak from that acorn of an idea. Use it to create a task list and a plan to grow your business.

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Show Me Your List

On social, share your results with us using #52wkchallenge. By playing together, we exponentially increase our chances of success!

Here’s to your most profitable year.

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