How the 30-90 Rule Effects Your Business [Week 26]

Welcome back to the 52 week challenge: a year-long commitment to systematic growth and profit for your business. If you’re just joining us, click here for the full backstory.

Each week on Sunday, I’ll offer you a prompt that will make you think, inspire you to take action, and/or help you figure out what to focus on next. Online business is a machine—simple components make up its success and determine how well it will perform. In this series, I’m going to challenge you, via weekly assignments, to build and enhance your online business machine. My theories are tested, my strategies are proven, and I know I can help your business grow.

The 52 Week Challenge: Week 26

This week, >>> click to learn about the 30-90 rule of business <<<. Then, think about how it effects your business. Where do you want to be 3 months from now? And what are you willing to do today to get yourself there?

I realize not everyone who reads my blog has a business, and I love that you adapt my growth strategies to your own life and career. While the 30-90 rule is business-oriented, I think the same can be applied to personal endeavors (what you do in this 30 days effects the “future you,” for better or worse, 90 days from now).

Here’s to your most profitable year.

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