Profit Breakthrough with Lisa Jacobs

Profit Breakthrough: The Money Mindset Masterclass is designed to help you master your money mindset and advance it to a higher rank. I deeply believe that it’s YOUR time to have a Profit Breakthrough, shatter your glass ceilings, and RECEIVE more profit in a low-pressure, highly rewarding way.

Improving your money mindset will change the way you live, change the way you act, affect the decisions you make … it will change everything in a very beneficial way. You’ll create a new normal, and you’ll learn a whole new way to experience life. It’s time to demolish the limitations that are holding you back.

Your money story

It seems we all want to know more about money, but nobody wants to talk about it. Why is that? Why are we so secretive about this particular form of energy and exchange, and our lack or abundance of it?

You’d be surprised at how many of us struggle with similar doubts and fears in finance …

  • Unworthiness/undeserving/Imposter syndrome
  • Fear of bad things happening as a result
  • Lack of opportunities/ideas
  • Past mistakes/avoidance of mistakes
  • Uncertainty/afraid of unforeseen disaster/scarcity mindset
  • Overspending or hoarding (both a symptom of uncertainty)
  • Bad or ended relationships that created financial turbulence

Here are just a sample of the words readers used to describe their money blocks: discouraged, ashamed, hopeless, exhausted, anxious, worried, worthless, guilty, difficult, depressing, terrified, trapped, inadequate, impossible, stuck, drowning, sinking, terrible, humiliating, desperate, insecure, haunting, angry, horrendous, reckless, traumatic, and scared to death.

That will not do.

I’ve risen from poverty to the high earner I am today. I made serious mistakes in the beginning. For years, I lived in quiet fear—a low-grade panic—afraid of doing anything that would cause debt collectors to hound me ever again. I harbored unhealed trauma and carried it around for over a decade.

Who else finds themselves harboring financial fear—worrying about outstanding bills, future expenses, hidden costs, and surprise repairs? For me, my fear was the locked door on my path, and it stayed that way for years. Unlocking a rich life meant facing it head on and healing it—that was the key.

Money is neutral.

Money is safe and way more predictable than any of us realize. It has no prejudice or purpose until we assign it one. Money flows into all of the channels that are open to it. I’m going to show you how to STOP repelling it (with fear and scarcity thought) and start welcoming it into your life.

In Profit Breakthrough, I am going to show you how to create a brand new perspective. You can change the blueprint of what you believe you deserve, which creates a ripple effect and a richer life.

Your relationship with money

Each of us has an individual relationship with money. You’re in that relationship already—whether you believe you’re worthy of a one-night stand (money comes in and leaves the next morning without ever even knowing your name) or a long-term partnership where both parties are equally invested and committed.

Either way (or something in between), that relationship is entirely up to you.

Money is limitless; It flows to those who see how good and plenty it is. However, money-making tactics are never enough. Each one of us is operating on invisible, silent scripts that must be unearthed and corrected. More money won’t solve any problems until we uncover and repair the stories attached to it.

Profit Breakthrough: Money Mindset Masterclass

Money Mindset Modules (1)

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from each module …

OrientationOrientation: We will start with simple actions you can take right now to feel on top of course material. This training will feel like a breath of fresh air as you tackle your environment and schedule to free up more money and time.

You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the course, the process, and the results to expect.

Module 1: It’s time to master your money mindset and create a new, more successful story for yourself. I’ll show you how to advance your beliefs and ability to earn to a higher rank.

We’ll study the alchemy of money mindset in order to create a brand new approach.

Module 2: In this module, you will begin to explore your limiting beliefs and hidden scripts in a gentle, and dare I say, fun way! We’ll uncover surprising saboteurs to your financial wellbeing.

What would you look like if all of your money limitations were taken away?

Module 3: Practical application: my favorite part! You can’t expect your situation to change drastically unless your actions change first.

I will leave you with an empowering plan for implementation that you’re sure to love.

Plus exclusive bonuses! Profit Breakthrough comes with a 20-page workbook to assist you through all of the exercises and actions, and my personal money story that includes …

  • How I rose up out of poverty to become a high-earner
  • Why I started a business and how I grew it out of a rut by 150%
  • The 4 things you MUST do before you can create a Profit Breakthrough
  • 9 character traits to avoid if you want to earn more
  • The simple shift that moved my website into the top-earning 8% (in the world)
  • How to change YOUR money-repelling behaviors and how to feel more valued, whole, and nurtured

Total Investment: Only $297

Let me put your inner critic at ease right now; this work works. The formula shared in Profit Breakthrough is NOT magical, and while I love the Law of Attraction, it doesn’t even come into play here. I’m simply on a mission to remove any guilt, shame, and secrecy surrounding your finances and your ability to earn good money for your good work.

And don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are millions of us out here who have been just as confused, misguided, and inexperienced throughout our money journey. And that’s okay. From here out, let’s simply allow ourselves the grace to learn a better way.

I’m going to show you how our brains are wired to work—this is scientific, but it will feel magical for you when the money appears as a result of the actions you take with me.

Lifetime access

Moreover, your progress with Profit Breakthrough will never end; it will always work better the next time. The second time you go through this course will create better results than the the first time, the third time better still, and so on and so forth.

I made this course as affordable and as rich with bonuses as I possibly could. Sign up now, and within minutes, you’ll have access to guided lessons and actions steps that will empower your journey today.

Join me now, and let’s get started!

Total Investment: Only $297