Reactive vs. Reflective Work

Last month, my entire website CRASHED. And my response (in a nutshell) was: what’s the worse this could mean, really? I decided it’s not life-or-death. I wrote up a support ticket and logged off for the morning. … Whaaaaat?! I simply refuse to panic. I am committed to doing business much differently. Reactive vs. Reflective I used to […]

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Annual Planning Round-UP!

Happy, Happy New Year! I can’t put my wishes for you into writing hard enough! Let this be the year your dreams come to fruition, your actions come into alignment, and your biggest goals see completion for the highest good of all concerned. Let these be days filled with peace, love, harmony, JOY, beauty, and empowerment! I […]

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New Year for a New You: Skillshare Edition!

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my 12 Big Things of 2022, and I spoke a little bit about how they came to be. This simple practice is a beautiful thing for your planning because it’s light and easy and low-pressure. I left the 12th big thing a mystery because I hadn’t brought it to fruition yet. I didn’t need any of these comfort-busting […]

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