Annual Planning Roundup!

Happy, Happy New Year! I can’t put my wishes for you into writing hard enough! Let this be the year your dreams come to fruition, your actions come into alignment, and your biggest goals see completion for the highest good of all concerned. Let these be days filled with peace, love, harmony, JOY, beauty, and empowerment!

How has your New Year planning been coming along? Are you even thinking about it yet? Personally, I’ve been spending the last month in serious reflection. I’m tying up loose ends and reviewing all that I want to love and honor from last year.

Whatever your pace, it’s all perfectly well and good. You don’t have to set goals or do annual planning on a specific date or within a specific timeline. Doing these reflective practices at all is doing more than most.

Wherever you’re at in the process, well done!!

An Annual Planning Roundup!

If, like me, you’re still harvesting the bounty from last year in review and reflection while deciding what your goals will be for the New Year, then you might love to consider some of my favorite resources to help you along:

  • Your Best Year: Final Draft (by moi!), found on Etsy or Amazon. I have to admit that every year, when I’m trying to figure out where to begin or how to tackle all things review and reflection, I thank myself for recording the process contained in this workbook. It’s a terrific guide to have by your side this season.
  • Bullet Journal. I used to do everything in my bullet journal, but these days I keep it specifically focused on high-level planning (think: big picture, annual, and quarterly goals + life lessons and reminders I want to keep handy).
  • Weekly Spread Planner (I’m currently using this one). I keep all of my to-do’s, weekly focus blocks, and monthly planning organized in a weekly planner. I also take copious life notes into whatever book I’m using, so during review, I make sure to go back through it and harvest all the golden nuggets and reminders (most of these move to my Bullet Journal in an annual round-up). I write in this book daily.
  • Daily Gratitude Journal. I like to keep this slightly smaller in size, like a travelers. Not only do I like to take it on the road with me, but I like it to stand out from my other bullet journals and notebooks. I aim to write in this book daily, but I it’s only become a habit a few days per week, and it’s easy for me to fall off for weeks at a time. That said! When I’m on track, I record thoughts, insights, and a list of 3-5 things I’m grateful for. This is another resource I make sure to go back through at the end of the year, and because it’s long-form handwriting, I PRINT IMPORTANT INFO IN ALL CAPS to indicate a thought or lesson I’d like not to forget.
  • New for me! The Mastery Journal. One glance inside this gorgeous book, and I knew I wanted to utilize it for the New Year. I’m using all of the materials above to decide what my top 1-2 goals will be for 2024, and then I’m going to plug a big one into this bad boy and get to work!

What did I miss?

Before I sign off, I would love to know: What are your favorite materials for ringing in the New Year? What planner are you loving?! Please let me know in the comments below!

Here’s to Your Best Year yet!

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