13 Before 2013: Thirteen goals to complete before the New Year

The end of a calendar year EXCITES me! I’m a hard-core self-reflectionist, and for me, there’s just no better fun than an end-year review. I also love goal setting, so I was eager to join in when I saw my coach, Tiffany Moore post her 13 before 2013.

This is also a great time to announce the New Year series I’m planning! It’s called “New You for a New Year: 7 Days of Reflection, Planning, and Goal-Setting.” The 7-day series starts December 27, so please mark it on your calendar.

Here are my thirteen before 2013:

1. Launch my first Marketing Creativity product, Shop Fundamentals

2. Build a team of affiliates for said program (I’m aiming for 20)

3. Find a new exercise program that excites me

4. Schedule activities and bonding time with my family for the upcoming holidays

5. Swim in one of New Zealand’s natural lakes (I’m already in Wellington, NZ … this isn’t as extreme a goal as it sounds)

6. Challenge myself to keep productive -AND- stay present in the moment

7. Reach 3,500 sales at the Energy Shop

8. Write at least 20 new blog posts, and make ’em good!

9. Have an all-day Christmas movie marathon with my family

10. Take a weekend and turn everything OFF: No internet, phone, or screens for 48 hours

11. Bake a new dessert recipe with my daughter

12. Practice meditation and yoga more regularly (at least 3 times per week)

13. Finish 4 inspirational/motivational/instructional books

{ Photo sources for items 3 | 5 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 }

I love reading other people’s goals, so if you have something similar to 13 before 2013, or you create your own, please link up or list them in the comments.

What would you like to finish up before the year ends?


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