I Have a Gift and So Do You

Until recently, when I thought of “God-given talent”, I imagined a singer with an amazing voice. I’ve always admired the people who were born into such voices because, no matter what I do, my voice will never sing like that.

I realized that while singing is not my talent, I am just as amazing at my own thing as great singers are at singing. I think we’re all made to be brilliant at something, and it’s often a greatness we don’t even realize we’re creating. I just finished recording an interview with the amazing Leonie Dawson, and she reaffirmed my newfound belief when she said:

I believe that every single soul has miracles inside them waiting to be birthed, and all we need to do is choose which miracles we’re ready to birth right now.

I think that, more often than not, people lose their way. We’re steered in another direction, or we stubbornly try to do what we think we should be doing, and we ignore our calling. People don’t always go inward to find their true north. Oftentimes, we try to think about what would be right, rather than do what feels good. And more often than not, thinking and trying are the main ingredients of an unhappy life.

I have a talent for inner-expression. Wherever I go, I imagine how everyone else is feeling. I’m very tuned into how I’m feeling. I mirror moods. I cry easily: I shed tears through arguments, songs I love, football games (or, winning moments in general), prayer, laughter, and when I see babies being born on TV. Events, people, and nature move me; I care very deeply about the the things I care about. And I can’t not process my feelings.

One of the things that I care very deeply about is you. I love that you’re putting yourself out there, taking a chance, and exploring your true potential. I love that you create because I really love creators. I think we are all, each one of us, put on this planet to create and play and explore this beautiful playground of Life.

I want to help you showcase your unique talent and birth your miracles in 2013. I want your spirited creativity to take center stage. It’s time, and this is going to be your year. I hope you’ll join me:


New You for a New Year: 7-Days of Reflection and Resolution starts here on December 27


Before I bid you a very Merry Christmas, here’s the recap and results of my thirteen before 2013. Did you make a similar list? How did it go? Please let me know or leave a link in the comments!

1. Launch my first Marketing Creativity product, Shop Fundamentals

Check! I launched Shop Fundamentals on November 8.

2. Build a team of affiliates for said program (I’m aiming for 20)

Yes! A team of amazing people are supporting the program.

3. Find a new exercise program that excites me

Yes and no. I did not get Metamorphosis (but it’s still on my wish list). I have gotten back into running, which I love, and I’m excited about every chance I get to do it!

4. Schedule activities and bonding time with my family for the upcoming holidays

Yes: We’ve had an onslaught of Christmas parties, baked Christmas cookies, and taken some special trips to appreciate our location and soak in the season.

Thermal Spa Lake Taupo, NZ5. Swim in one of New Zealand’s natural lakes

I’m crossing this one off the list, even though I didn’t technically do it (the lake was FREEZING, and it was only about 60 degrees (F) on land). In place of this goal, I DID go into a volcano-powered, natural thermal spa. It was steaming hot, and my family and I had this little pool all to ourselves; it was an experience of a lifetime.


6. Challenge myself to keep productive -AND- stay present in the moment

It definitely was a challenge, but I continue to do my best at staying present and productive.

7. Reach 3,500 sales at the Energy Shop

No, my priorities shifted just a bit, and I have been more focused on building Marketing Creativity. In addition, my Etsy shop is getting much less exposure since they adopted the new browse search, and I have not been paying to advertise or marketing to my existing customer base much.

8. Write at least 20 new blog posts, and make ’em good!

I’ve written a lot of blog posts, and I hope you like them!

9. Have an all-day Christmas movie marathon with my family

Scheduled for this weekend!

10. Take a weekend and turn everything OFF: No internet, phone, or screens for 48 hours

Yes, we combined this with the trip where we visited the hot springs. We do not bring electronic equipment of any sort on the majority of our vacations. We did rent our children 2 movies during the trip, as we were all a bit exhausted from the activities and needed a minute to veg.

11. Bake a new dessert recipe with my daughter

Oh my goodness, she and I made those peanut butter balls for the first time, and we’ve made them several times since. They are dangerously delicious. Beware.

12. Practice meditation and yoga more regularly (at least 3 times per week)

I had a good stretch with yoga. 🙂 I was getting it done, but I have fallen off again recently. Meditation … I still need it! I’ll work on adopting this habit regularly into the New Year.

13. Finish 4 inspirational/motivational/instructional books

I was an ambitious little bee when I created this list! I’m giving myself this one because I’ve finished 3, and the year’s not technically over yet. I read Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life, Head First: The Biology of Hope and the Healing Power of the Human Spirit (for school), and …

Leonie Dawson’s Biz and Blog Star Workshop (P.S., this is beautiful, inspiring, and FREE! Please go grab a copy so you can read about how Leonie has grown her blog into a company that earns more than a half a million dollars per year!).

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

I hope you celebrate your beautiful God-given gifts, and soak up the good spirit that surrounds you. Wishing you and yours the very best. Love, Lisa

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