Reflection & Review: Where are you now?

I had so much fun with the reflection and review series for the New Year, and it’s easily been my favorite project so far for Marketing Creativity. I can hardly wait to do the coming year’s! I vowed to honor some general intentions this year, and as we’re well past the half-way point, I thought it was a wise time for a review. I invite you to dust off your New Year’s resolutions and do the same. Here’s a flashback to my January 1 announcement:

This year I will …

Lighten up, laugh, and enjoy the moment. I’m putting down the frenzy and shufflin’ into this year. I have put down the hustle, and proud to say, I’m still getting everything done. I moved this year, and it was a huge transition. For the most part of the year, I tried to set at least two hours of laser-focused productivity into every working day. Now that my children are back in school, my husband’s here and back to work, I finally have found routine again. I’m working five solid hours a day and producing more than ever. I might even say I’ve found a good rhythm! 

Finish up unfinished business. I vow to keep my email system clean and filed, complete the projects I haven’t finished, adopt the “Ride the Wild Donkey” technique, and reduce my research-consumption (sometimes I do unnecessary amounts of reading/consuming in the name of research, but it’s actually a form of procrastination). I’m on track! I have been finishing everything I started and riding that wild donkey. It’s not always fun, I’d even go so far to say it’s a bit of a grind when my energy level for a project bottoms out, but I’m seeing the results. They’re absolutely wonderful. I’m on track to finish all of my outstanding projects by the end of the year.

Firm up. I know what’s good for my body, and I’m simply not doing enough of it. I will schedule in regular kettle ball use, a new hip-shaping workout, and make sure to have at least three really good sweats a week. Nothing makes me feel better than a really good sweat. This goal could use some work, especially with all the delicious food and drinks we have here in the United States. Since school started, I’ve been jogging and moving every morning for about forty minutes before I get down to business. I am seeing improvement from this, and I’m starting to feel healthy and fit again.

Stop the financial bare-minimum/just-getting-by mentality! I have four gorgeous children, and I never want to ever think twice about back-to-school shopping, braces, snorkeling vacations, Target trips, new shoes, or the silly amount of food we six consume every two weeks. I’ve added up the amount it would take to cover our needs plus give us a comfortable lifestyle cushion and some extra to invest back into my business. I plan to earn $100,000 this year. Hmmmm. I have a few projects to finish up. I’m going to save my progress here and reveal it at the end of the year.

Honor our independence. My family has followed my husband’s government career and completed three overseas tours. We’ve spent eight of the last ten years living outside of the United States. This lifestyle has not been easy, but it has taught my children to think globally, and that’s a priceless education. Since we’ve been gone, we’ve developed our own traditions and created our own precious memories. We will honor our independence, and share with others only what we’re comfortable with sharing. Our family unit has grown and nurtured a sacred energy, and anybody who wants to spend time with us will respect our energy and be responsible for their own. Yes. I’m doing this, and we’re trying to honor the lessons we’ve learned over the years. Reminds me of a pin I just saved on Pinterest:


Have you ever tried this? It’s NOT as easy as it sounds 🙂 But, I’m working on it.

14 Before 2014

Last year’s 13 before 2013 was my FAVORITE! I’m making it an October tradition from now on. I’m announcing my 14 goals to accomplish before 2014 on October 8. Join me and list your own! I love reading goal lists! Excuse the exclamation points, but I just can’t help it. I’m so excited! 😀 Until then and all the best~

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