14 Before 2014: Fourteen Goals to Complete Before the New Year

Aaawww. Was it only one year ago that we were doing 13 before 2013? Well, it still holds true that the end of a calendar year EXCITES me! I’m a hard-core self-reflectionist, and for me, there’s just no better fun than an end-year review. I absolutely love goal-setting.

That’s why I can’t stop smiling after releasing my latest product into the world! Your Best Year: 2014 Productivity Workbook & Creative Business Planner is selling like hotcakes and getting rave reviews. Thank you all so much! And if you’re just hearing about this now, you can find Your Best Year on Amazon (printed version), or download it here or on Etsy.

This is also a great time to announce my second annual New Year series! It’s called “New You for a New Year: 7 Days of Reflection, Planning, and Goal-Setting for 2014.” The 7-day series starts December 29, so please mark it on your calendar.

Here are my fourteen goals before 2014:

14 Before 2014 by Marketing Creativity

1. Launch my third e-program, Advertising and Exposure // The Complete Guide to Marketing a Creative Business

2. Enjoy a BOOST in income. I’m still quite far off my early New Year’s goals. I want to be like Jack Canfield and take my income from ordinary to extraordinary this year!

3. Eat more kale. It’s a super-food, and my body needs more super, less junk!

4. Reach 4,000 sales at the Energy Shop!

5. Find a healthy, comfortable weight and maintain it.

6. Clean up my personal unfinished business. I won’t bore you with the details, but I need to finish some classes and cross some things off my new house to-do list.

7. Honor my editorial calendar & keep ahead of schedule.

8. Enjoy a personal day every month. In the next three months, I vow to take a trip to the spa, get my hair did, take in a movie, and enjoy a decadent weekday lunch with my husband. I’ve been putting a lot into my future, and I want to pamper myself a little in exchange.

9. Celebrate Wrapping Day. I started this tradition last year, and it’s so fun! I close off a day in December when the children are in school, play Christmas movies and music all day, eat wine and cheese for lunch, pull all of the presents out of hiding, and WRAP! Some business appointments snuck into the schedule last year, but this year I’m firm. I WILL get all of my wrapping done that day.

10. Enjoy every living moment of the upcoming holidays in the U.S. This includes holiday movie marathons, hot cocoa, a fresh Christmas tree, a big fat turkey, trick-or-treating until our backs get sore from all the candy we’re carrying, and everything else you can stuff into this stocking. I’ve missed you, America, and I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with you again!

11. Organize the Market Your Creativity book. Get ‘er done.

12. Create a financial to-do list for 2014. I bought a new house this spring, and I suffered a bit of financial whiplash in the process. I’m back on track and feeling grand, but I want to be sure I have a well-thought out plan for the future.

13. Get in at least four seasonal day trips with my family.

14. Organize a Christmas social. I’ve been named the Social Committee chair of my neighborhood, y’all! Let’s get this party started 🙂

Finally, I love reading other people’s goals, so if you have something similar to 14 before 2014 or you create your own kind of list, please link up or list them in the comments. Thank you so much!

Photo credits: Cash photo with caption “I have an abundance of everything I need.” – love it! | Energy Shop JewelrySpa photo | Bench at Christmastime

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  • Hi Lisa, love seeing your goals. Makes me want to create my own. I’ll adopt one of yours. I LOVE your ‘wrapping day’. In fact, it would be fun to do with a friend or two as well……..of course, someone would be hauling presents, but nobody would walk in on them wrapping, so thee’s a bonus. Plus, it just sounds like a great way to enjoy some ‘holiday down time in a let’s get things done’ sort of way.

    I’ll start my list here:

    1. Start my own Wrapping Day Tradition
    2. do a better job of organizing/balancing what I have to do so that I can handle the work I’ve got, while leaving the door open and the welcome mat open for more. I’m not afraid to say I want increase my income and I think organizing/balancing more effectively is the first step.

    I’ll have to think about the other twelve……………

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