New Year for a New You | Day 5

2014: New Year for a New You | An annual review with Marketing Creativity

Welcome back to day 5 of this 7-day series of New Year review, reflection and resolution. If you’re just joining me, go at your own pace through days …

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I’m thrilled to share this planning session with you!

Today, I’ll be answering our last round of review questions, and then I’ll offer you something to work on tonight. Only two days left! Lets get right to it.

Last of the Question Sessions

:: What word or phrase represents what you would like to build upon in 2014?

I usually pick a single word, last year it was “homecoming.”@Jewelsbytrish told me her word for the year is “soar.” I love that one!

This year I’ve chosen a phrase: Trim the fat. It’s a phrase that feels true to all five pillars of wellbeing: physical, relational, mental, financial and spiritual. I want a whole lot less of what’s not adding up to value and nutrition in my life.

Additionally, there’s another message that I keep hearing.

“I say the universe speaks to us, always, first in whispers. And a whisper in your life usually feels like ‘hmmm, that’s odd.’ Or, ‘hmm, that doesn’t make any sense.’ Or, ‘hmm, is that right?’ It’s that subtle. And if you don’t pay attention to the whisper, it gets louder and louder and louder. …What’s whispering to you now?” – Oprah Winfrey

Never rest on your laurels. <- That’s the message the universe is whispering to me. I hear it everywhere. It even appeared, in all caps, in Doctor Sleep (the novel I just spent the day in bed with). Okay, universe. I feel a little one-upped, but I’m adding your message to my New Year phrase: Trim the fat and never rest on your laurels.

Sounds like I’ll be putting in a whopper of a year. 

:: What are your intentions for the New Year? What do you intend to do, honor, and be?

I intend to do my best to handle the ups and downs of my creative career. The highs feel like I’m floating through the sky on cloud nine. The lows feel thoroughly gutterific. One day I’m wearing my best pair of heels, hair and makeup, and the next, I fail to make it out of my pajamas.

Sometimes I desperately want to rest on my laurels when things are going good, and I think there’s an element of self-sabatoge in there. It seems there’s only so much success I know how to handle, and when it feels too good to be true, I tend to wait until that fades before I go for the next big win.

The question really is: how good can you stand it? I need to challenge my comfort zone in this area. I need to tackle my goals and claim my success with more gumption.

:: How will you begin and follow through on those intentions?

I’m going to spend this month cleansing mind, body and spirit. That means: no alcohol, no fast food, no channel-surfing or mindless internet-clicking, no excessive spending or overindulgence, and no time-wasting.

I’m not kidding, writing that down makes me want to open a beer, grab a bag of chips, and channel-surf the junk on TV. But, I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to write down that I want to, that I’m craving it. And then, I’m going to journal and ask myself “why?”

Is it because it will make a great excuse to procrastinate again tomorrow? Is it because everything I want takes a lot of work, and that sounds really hard? Is it because I’m bored with what’s left of today? Or all of the above?

:: What are you going to stop doing?

This might seem paradoxical to the issue, but I’m doing that month-long cleanse to eliminate feelings of deprivation.

When I drink alcohol and watch reality TV, I’m starved for entertainment. When I grab fast food so that I can use the extra time to work or take care of other unfinished business, I’m desperate for a break. When I internet click the morning away, I’m craving time off.

I’m going to stop overdoing it, and start putting more reward into my everyday routine.

How will you begin to stop doing it once and for all?

The cleanse I started yesterday will be the first thing. What I’ll learn from journaling about it throughout the month will contain the next steps.

I’m also going to hire help this year. I need a virtual assistant who is familiar with Aweber and self-hosted Wordpress with some experience in code and design. Editing ability is a major plus. Maybe you know someone?

Next up

Build a “This Year I Will … ” list, honoring all five pillars of a healthy, loving life. Here’s a template (with examples) to use:

This Year I Will … 

:: Physical – Lose # of pounds; exercise regularly (# times per week); eat more living foods; cut out sugars and carbohydrates; drink less alcohol; etc.

:: Mental – Learn a new skill; read more; organize my time; declutter my home and environment; take a class; sign up for a new hobby; learn a new word every day; etc.

:: Relational – Go on regular dates with my partner; write letters to the elderly in my family; spend a special day with each of my children; take unplugged weekend getaways with my family; practice listening; etc.

:: Spiritual – Meditate as a daily practice; read an inspirational text; take walks with nature; practice yoga; do regular deep-breathing exercises; etc.

:: Financial – Pay down debt; increase savings; make an extra mortgage payment; save for holiday spending; budget regularly; etc.

Ready to continue? :: Day 6

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  • My grandmother used to say “don’t sit on your laurels”! FB is my “laurel”, my time filler, time waister! Limiting usage as well as timing it so I don’t get lost!

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