My Dream Client (and Why I Think You’re Her)

About a month ago, I published an article titled, If I Knew I Could Not Fail, I Would …, in which I listed all the things I would do right now if I knew I could not fail. There were four items:

  1. Focus all of my efforts on group coaching
  2. Lead live, in-person workshops for groups of 100+
  3. Host a women’s retreat for 20 creatives
  4. Start a podcast

I asked everyone who read the article to share their list, and they did! It got really interesting when we looked through each other’s list and wondered:

Wait. Why aren’t you going for that? You could totally do it!

One of my past clients read my list and cut straight to the point when she said,

“You should do those things on your list even if you might fail at one or two.” – Miriam

“You’re right, you’re right. I know you’re right.” – Me, quoting When Harry Met Sally

Do you know what I did next?

I went for the one I wanted the most. I began planning a women’s retreat alongside an amazing line-up of inspirational leaders in our field! I’d been dreaming of collaborating with a handful of amazing ladies, so I reached out to them and pitched my idea … and they all said, “YES!”

I cannot reveal the details yet, but I can ask you to save the date! We’ll be meeting the weekend of February 27, 2015. Pencil it in because you won’t want to miss this event!

I was on a roll. So, I went for another.

It was time to launch my next offer: a group coaching concentrate. This is the direction I’ve been longing to take my career, but quite honestly, I’ve been too afraid to break-out of the busywork that keeps my income flowing.

I’ve coached hundreds of creatives, some of them ideal and some in disaccord, and I’ve learned a lot about who I want to work with along the way. In fact, this model of my dream client is based on several amazing ladies I’ve already worked with …

You’re my dream client if …

  • You already have a presence online (be it shop, website or blog);
  • You are looking to improve on + organize your ideas;
  • You are down-to-earth; you have a realistic outlook on how much work is involved in building a business;
  • You need to do a brain dump with someone who speaks your language;
  • You need to process an obstacle or emotional stall you’re facing;
  • You are always ready to take things to the next level;
  • You appreciate a well-thought out plan of action;
  • You are always willing to try new things;
  • You are open-minded with a loose and dreamy vision;
  • You are optimistic with a belief that anything’s possible;
  • You are straight-forward, and you appreciate honest feedback;
  • You see the value in hiring a professional.

We’re not a good fit if you are…

  • Looking for the magic bullet – that one thing you can do or buy that will make everything that hasn’t been working suddenly work the way you expect it to;
  • Someone who refuses to leave their comfort zone;
  • Close-minded with a rigid vision;
  • Pessimistic;
  • Passive-aggressive. I simply do not do passive-aggressive. Ever;
  • Someone who really only wants to hobby. If you are willing to abandon your best-selling product simply because you’re tired of making it, you only want to hobby – and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, my dream client wants to be in business.

Speaking of dream clients …

I think you’re her, my dreamy entre-prowess. From now on, I’m going to gloss over everything else so that I can focus all of my attention on you and your needs. I’m going to write to you like we’re sitting down for a steamy cup of coffee, I’m going to email you love + kindness (just as a best friend would), and I’m going to create services and products that were made with you in mind.

You know, I’ve made some big changes to my line-up this year (such as posting my monthly income for all to see), and that’s changed the face of this blog and the depth of our relationship. I think that’s because you’re ready to make big changes, too.

And if you are her? The Luminaries Club is for you.

The Luminaries Club is a private space for up-and-coming creative business owners to work together as a team, and it’s filled to the brim with tools, resources and trade secrets. Inside, you’ll find a place to connect, recharge and reimagine your career. Click here to join us now!


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