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Have you ever felt a strong sense of community? Do you have a place where you can feel like you simply belong (or remember a time when you did)?

Having lived overseas and moving so often in the past decade, I can’t help but crave familiarity. You know that feeling you have amongst old friends, where getting along feels effortless, there’s instant love and acceptance, and you need no explanations to arrive as you are. I love that feeling, and I’ve desperately pined for it over the last several years when my family and I felt so remote from everything we knew. Having said that, I wouldn’t change a thing about the past …


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One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the best way to feel like you belong is to get involved. I love working with people. My nearest and dearest friendships since junior high have evolved from my various workplaces. When I quit working traditional jobs to stay home with my children, I pretty much stopped making new friends!

I love that I have built my own career from scratch, but truth be told, this work-at-home business can be lonely. I’ve missed building, brainstorming, troubleshooting, and goofing off with my co-workers. I’ve missed the feeling that comes from working partnerships that evolve into comfortable friendships, and I’ve missed feeling like I knew where I belonged.

So, I Created The Luminaries Club

I created a place filled with unconditional support +  opportunities + an abundance of love and acceptance. I’ve always believed in the idea of collaborating and longed for a deeper connection online.

The problem I faced in my former membership programs is that they are built by an individual, successful leader; I myself followed my admiration + hope for connection with the leader into the group. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found value in every program I’ve invested in, but I can’t help but question the community’s focus. The trouble with a typical leader’s program is, you end up in a group full of followers who are much less interested in looking sideways for collaboration than they are in looking up for the leader’s attention.

The Luminaries Club is different.

Inside The Luminaries Club, you’ll find forums, challenges you can join in on, plenty of opportunity to share what you’re working on (rather than just getting regular updates from the leader), and loads of support and encouragement.

Here’s the best part:

My program comes low in pressure, high on opportunity. I understand how indie entrepreneurs operate! Sometimes, you’ll get busy, carried away in creative energy, or wrapped up in your personal world. Other times, you’ll feel restless and eager to make something happen already.

In addition to the materials, classes and challenges included inside The Luminaries Club, you’ll also get access to a networking group, Pinterest boards, and personal accounts of real-life business breakthroughs. However, you’ll never have to feel guilty if your schedule keeps you away from the group … in fact, I’ll do everything in my power to encourage your business to steal you from us!

As a club member (aka Luminary), you can expect new materials, tools and resources to be released monthly – again, this information is to be digested at-your-own pace. Nothing expires, there’s no rush, and absolutely no deadlines.

Want to know more? Click here to read all about it. And thanks so much for your interest!

P.S. If you liked the graphic used in this post, here’s a *free* downloadable print for your office: We Must Take Adventures | Marketing Creativity Printable


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  • Thank you so much for this beautiful post Lisa, you captured the spirit of our community & I am beyond thankful you found us then dove straight into working together! I have also seen lots of groups rallied around leaders and my community development/grassroots heart always wants to shake my fist a bit. Those groups/networking circles/masterminds/collectives whatever you call them ARE important places where people can share niche experiences and knowledge centred around a leaders philosophy but they aren’t fully communities in my eyes. That act of looking sideways to find collaborators vs. looking up at a leader makes the difference between followers and a group of equal leaders. I am so glad you are leading with us, you’ve got a universe of goodness to offer!

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