The Luminaries Club is Coming!

The Luminaries Club is coming!

The Backstory 

I’ve been dreaming of The Luminaries Club for years; I wanted to create a place where we could connect, recharge, and inspire one another. I wanted that place to be full of makers, and I wanted it to be a nonjudgemental, open-minded launching pad for success. We need a place to safely let our entrepreneurial flag fly, to say things like:
I LOVE pursuing my passion for a living, but I want to MAKE MORE MONEY at it!

Strangely, and especially in the handmade industry, there’s not that many safe places to say that! Yet it’s so true, and we all feel it at one time or another (if not constantly!). I’ve taken part in too many conversations that support the starving artist’s myth, not the artist.

I don’t know about  you, but I’m tired of hearing the words: should, shouldn’t, good, bad, and wrong from people who know NOTHING about business. Meanwhile, those same opinion-makers and industry influencers pretend to be patient as they wait year after year for their “big break.” They secretly hope someone will come along and give them permission to achieve the level of success they truly desire, and they’d like for you to quiet down and wait in the same line for that narrow window of opportunity!

I so strongly disagree with that approach. Your success, at whatever level you can dream it, is yours to claim. This business is yours to build, brand and market. You’re doing it for you, and that’s a beautiful thing. Therefore, it is entirely your responsibility to turn it into an income-producing, successful adventure. To do so, you have to claim your territory, own your expertise, and market your offer. That’s where The Luminaries Club comes in: it’s your launching pad to next level success.

This is for you if …

The Luminaries Club is open to creative business owners of all stages. It’s for you if you’re ready to invest in your business’ growth and future vision. When you walk through the clubhouse doors, you’re entering professional territory – where the rubber meets the road.

I’m breaking all the lessons down into bite-sized chunks, so that you can implement each of the business-boosting challenges you take on within 7-10 days. The Luminaries Club is for you if you’re willing to do the work and create the results you want already!

You’re going to get:

  • My entire library of work available for immediate download: Shop Fundamentals, Advertising and Exposure, The Ultimate Blogging Kit, and Your Best Year (a $90 value)
  • Create Happy Hour Live (A different business-boosting topic each month) plus an archive of the replays.
  • A 7-10 day, monthly challenge that will help you grow your creative empire. These monthly challenges will include easy-to-implement actions that can help you get the results you want.
  • A private network where members can collaborate, discuss, share and support (if they choose)
  • Regular business review and planning prompts
  • Course material and worksheets: Where to start with all of this new information, how to create a killer first impression for your online storefront, better business planning, and more!
  • Productivity worksheets and tools to keep you focused on work that matters
  • Exclusive opportunities and insight to club member’s business growth (what others are doing and why it’s working)

You’re going to love … 

You’re going to love the like-minded entrepreneurs. They’re not only excited about their own success, they’re equally as excited about yours.  Yes, you’re really going to love that. Inside The Luminaries Club, I declare that scarcity thoughts and jealousy are not allowed! We will vow to ignore that reptilian-side of the brain that tries to shout, “If they have, I’ll have not!” We will never try to hold one another back with words like: should, shouldn’t, bad, or good. If you add value to the world, you’ll have our support and we’ll engage with open hearts and open minds.

When you win, we’ll feel like we won with you! We’ll shout,

Yes, please! That’s for me, too! More of that’s to come to us all!

Our discussions will be wallpapered with this quote from Wayne Dyer, “Abundance is scooped from abundance, and abundance remains.” And in that environment, you’ll NEVER have to think twice about sharing your links, shouting about more sales, or being proud of the work you do and the income you earn for doing it.

That level of unconditional support and applause is extremely rare in this world, but I’m going to make sure The Luminaries Club is full of it. Yes, you’re really going to love how that feels.

Let’s talk turkey. You’ve got payment options:

The Luminaries Club costs 149 USD per month (for 10 months). There’s also a one-time pay option (997 USD) that grants lifetime access immediately.

The Luminaries Club is as much a business proposal as it is a membership program. I propose to challenge your entrepreneurial spirit to help it grow. I propose to show up weekly to help you run a better business and support your big, scary leaps.

It all begins October 1, 2014

Any questions? I’ll be doing a Q&A post later this week, you can submit any questions, comments or concerns right here! Who’s ready to shine with me?

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    • The material will apply best to creative business owners (handmade as well as creative service providers, such as graphic designers, web developers, etc.) and bloggers. Let me know what you do, and I’ll let you know if there will be material that can help! Thanks for your interest 🙂

  • You answered my question above already. Thank you Lisa. Looking forward to this. I believe this is a refreshing way for me to (re) connect with people in the biz. 😉

    • Hi, Lidys! This is indeed the question I’m getting asked most often. I’ll be sure to include it in the upcoming Q&A post. Thanks for adding.

  • Product-based businesses primarily? And service providers who deliver tangible products like a website or a logo? Or also service providers who deliver intangible products like a creativity coach (I have a friend in mind) or myself, a business consultant for artists? This looks fantastic, Lisa. I just want to make sure I share it with the right people!

    • Hi, Laura! It’s for creative careers of all kinds (both product- and service-based). Aside from the e-programs that already exist for building an online storefront, the focus inside the club is online platform-building (email list-building, social media-growing, and better business planning).

      It’s built to be an inclusive and supportive network for the creative industry, where virtual assistants, creativity coaches, graphic designers and business consultants meet product-based business owners so that we can create, collaborate and inspire together!

      Thank you for the wonderful question! I’ll be including it in my Q&A 🙂

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