The LAST Create Happy Hour

Create Happy Hours are a live, end-month chat I host for the creative business community. Each month, I pick a different business-boosting topic (September’s was about building your Pinterest following, October’s was about how to create a sales funnel, and November’s was about how to sell on Instagram).

The calls are FREE if you tune in for the live airing. The replays are archived and available only to members of The Luminaries Club.

This month’s chat is going to be a jolly end-year review + a New Year Challenge! During the call, I’m going to share my end-year review process, my biggest lessons learned in business this year and how I plan the year ahead. For those of you asking about my business planning system and project maps, I’ll be giving you all the details on how I organize my operation during this call!

I host Create Happy Hours to share everything I know + my own revenue-boosting strategies as I take your questions live. I hope you’ll join me for:

January 2015 Create Happy Hour |

The Last One?

Yes! But only because something way more exciting is taking its place. I will tell you all about it on the call! I can hardly wait. It’s taking place Friday, January 30 at 1 PM (Eastern)Click here to register. And if you feel inspired to do so, I’d be grateful if you’d invite your friends to join us too!

Talk to you soon,

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  • I just found you right before your December one! Disappointed it’s stopping before I get to benefit from them, but I’m looking forward to this one.

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