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I had an epiphany last year when I wrote the  “How to Turn Your Hobby into a Side Business” series I started for the Creative Mama blog. It brought me back to WHY I started The Energy Shop five years ago: I wanted to live an inspired life and contribute to my family’s income, but I also wanted to maintain my presence at home and continue to be there for them.

Before the Energy Shop, it never occurred to me that I could build my own work-at-home business with as little as $100 worth of supplies. But, that’s exactly what happened. And each month, I supplement the family’s income with my creative business earnings. That’s pretty amazing.

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In the very early days of the Energy Shop and Marketing Creativity, I read a story in our local paper that said my county (here in Virginia) had a pretty high poverty rate, and the majority of households facing that poverty had a single mother at the head.

My heart sank when I read that. It’s so hard to be a good mother when you have the world at your feet, let alone when you’re feeling crushed by worry & anxiety because you can’t pay the bills. I wished I could one day develop a way to start hiring them or helping them build their own work-at-home side gig.

I would love to fulfill that big dream one day, and I feel I may be on the right path.

Remember Why You Started |

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Coming Up This Week on Marketing Creativity:

The reason I started this blog, the why, was to help other women create the same success I had: to build an income from home (+ be there for their families, too). I’m giving away $500 toward one creative’s dream, and tomorrow I’ll share the full details + how you can enter to receive it.

On Tuesday, I’m going to show you what’s in store for the Movers & Maker’s Summit in Charleston, SC later this month. We’ve finalized our schedule, and it’s amazing!

Finally, I’m going to tell you how to market your online business (without spending a fortune!). Bye, Felicia … I mean, Facebook. You’re too expensive!

Here’s to a great week,

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  • I was so happy to read about your concern for single mothers struggling to raise their children. I have had the same vision for my business providing a way for these women to make a little money, perhaps go back to school, and be able to work from home. Many mothers who would prefer to work rather than receive public assistance are unable to do so because of how expensive child care is. Some don’t even work once their children are school age because there’s no one to care for their children when they’re sick and they believe they will lose their jobs if they take off to care for them. It’s a no win situation for many single women with children. It’s going to be a long time before my business even provides enough demand to keep me, just me, busy. But I still keep in the back of my mind this dream of doing something to help other women having a hard time.

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