Doors are Closing: Save Thousands on Business Training

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m reaching out more than usual this week. I have an announcement about The Luminaries Club (my membership program full of business training for creative entrepreneurs), and I want to make sure you receive it:

After this week, I’m locking the doors to new members.

That wasn’t my original plan. Initially, I was going to raise Luminaries Club rates this month to reflect the value of content inside, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make sense of the club fees. They’re insanely low already – too low, in fact, and with the addition of the extremely valuable programs I’m going to add this year, I realized it’s no longer going to work as a standard membership program.

Join the Luminaries Club

When I started the club, I wanted to offer creatives affordable training and an instant network. I knew it would help online business owners, not only grow and create more success, but it would also “normalize” these great leaps of courage and faith we take every single day.

Back in 2014 I promised Luminaries that, as participating club members, they’d always receive everything I ever create (and they always will). I upload all training, programs, and books right into their private club website for immediate download. Nothing about that’s going to change.

Membership includes
A few of the benefits your membership includes

You’re invited to join existing Luminaries at the current low rates, but here’s the catch:

You Only Have 4 Days Left to Join

You have four days (counting today) to sign up before I lock the doors for the year. The next time doors open, the membership will cost thousands of dollars more.

What’s fueling this decision? 

A few things, but the gist is: I’m adding more extensive training, higher value programs, and enhanced membership materials over the course of the year. Because the training will drastically increase in value, so must future club fees.

Simply put, the current club pricing is so affordable that it no longer makes sense, but you have 4 DAYS (counting today) to take advantage of the low rates.

Sneak Peek of The Luminaries Club

Here’s What Luminaries Can Expect This Year:

  • From Zero to 30K Instagram Followers in 6 monthsAn in-depth course by contributor, Kara Benz (a value of $197)
  • Complete Copywriting: The Course to More Sales – how to write irresistible copy that compels your reader to take action (a value of $697)
  • Shop 2.o: Turn Your Online Storefront into a Sales Machine (a value of $697)
  • Your Best Year 2017: The Complete Bundle (a value of $297)

Not to mention the value that’s already inside the club, just awaiting your arrival (existing materials valued at over $750).

What’s to come is next level training, and it will soon cost next level pricing.

Common Questions about the Club

Is the material angled toward Etsy sellers?

Of all inquiries, this is the most frequently asked. My training is geared toward creative online businesses, and it is not focused on any platform in particular. Because Etsy is a common tool in our industry, it is the most frequently referenced and used for examples.

The bulk of my training revolves around marketing, business strategy, growth and profit for online business. Whatever your platform (Etsy, blog, Shopify, etc.) or your niche (art, vintage, apparel, jewelry, etc.), if you want to reach more customers and increase your sales online, The Luminaries Club is for you.

If I join now, will my fees go up later? Am I able to change my plan?

Luminaries join at a “forever rate” – prices will never go up on your contract.

Many members start with a monthly plan and choose to upgrade to the annual plan (buying the annual subscription is a discount of $147 compared to monthly rates). I can still arrange this for you after the club doors close.

The only thing that will be firmly “locked” is admission to new members.

Important to note: I do not prorate plans. Meaning, if you join at a monthly rate ($34/month), and three months later you choose to upgrade to an annual plan, I will not discount the three months against your new, 12-month subscription.

Am I going to learn new things / Is there anything I don’t already know?

Nobody actually asked this question. However, this is one I ask myself every time I sign up for new business training, and I do so all the time; I’ve already invested more than $5,000 in my own training this year. Because I know there’s always more to learn.

I invest in training from people who have accomplished things I want to, or have seen success I can’t figure out how to achieve. It’s a no-brainer / shortcut / learning curve, and the results that have come from my investing in myself are astonishing.

In short, yes. There are going to be topics and material you’ve never seen before. You are going to gain new insight. You will have one a-ha! moment after another as you go through the training.

It’s not just about the material you’re going to receive and apply, but it’s also organized to help you reimagine your offer and strategize future business growth. Please don’t be afraid to invest in the training your business needs.

Join the Luminaries Club

Doors are Closing.

You have 4 days (counting today) to get in on the ground floor. On March 22, I’m locking the club to new members. The next time the doors open, it’s going to be a different offer altogether (and cost thousands more). So, if you’ve ever been tempted to join, be sure not to miss out on these (soon-to-be) extinct rates.

I hope to welcome you there soon. Until next time and all the best,

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