Featured Luminaries Club Member Review: Kristine Mullen

The Luminaries Club is my privately-hosted membership program that’s filled to the brim with tools, resources, and trade secrets that will help you take your business to the next level. Inside, you’ll find a place to connect, recharge and reimagine your success. Think about it for a minute …

What if your career were different?

Imagine knowing where your next month’s paycheck is coming from and feeling confident about how much you can earn. Imagine a set-it and forget-it system that builds your following, increases your sales and markets your products while you sleep. Imagine having a realistic plan that guarantees profit and growth.

I’ve taken countless businesses from a state of uncertainty to top-selling industry leaders. Through my club, you’ll learn how to thrive and endure in online business. There’s an unlimited amount of commercial space available to you, I’ll help you conquer every square inch of it.

During my 10-year career, I’ve personally built and succeeded at two different types of businesses. Not only have my experiments, strategies and theories paid off, but more importantly, I’ve set my business up for exponential growth. My clients are constantly telling me, “It worked!” And they’re talking about my 6-figure-earning sales campaigns, copywriting secrets, and email scripts. But they’re only surprising themselves—I already know it works! I don’t teach anything I haven’t already tested (and proven) myself.

I Can Help You Create Better Results Too

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be spotlighting members of the club and sharing their reviews publicly. I have no words to express how proud I am of this group and their ongoing commitment to their individual callings. The Luminaries take the knowledge and strategies they learn inside the club, customize it to fit their businesses, and work hard to create better results every day. If you’re bringing the same dedication and persistence to your career, I can help you channel your efforts into extraordinary results.

I know many of you are trying to decide if The Luminaries Club is right for you. I asked club member, Kristine Muller of Ambassador Crochet to share her thoughts.

Kristine has been in business for 10 years. She began designing her own crochet patterns in 2007 when a friend of hers had a premature baby and Kristine spent two weeks trying to find the perfect preemie blanket with no success. She decided to take the matter into her own hands and found that she loved designing crochet patterns. The rest is history!

Kristine on The Luminaries Club

What’s something we should know about your journey thus far?

I almost gave up on my business when I let it go stagnant for almost 2 years.

Why did you hire Lisa to help?

Even though I let my business go stagnant, deep down I wasn’t ready to give up on it completely. Lisa was exactly what I needed. I felt like we were talking over coffee. She didn’t talk down but wanted to get me through the mud so she could rejoice over my accomplishments just as much as I did.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in business?

  1. Finding balance and time in my busy life–I have a husband and 6 children, I homeschool 5 of my kids, and I spend 5 to 6 days a week at the dance studio. Some days I don’t know how I even find time to squeeze a business in!
  2. Comparing myself to others–When I used to compare myself to others, that’s when I wanted to give up. I believe it was Lisa that told me that they’re in a different season of my life. It’s not even about business necessarily. They have more time, fewer distractions, etc. I unfollowed all the pages on Facebook that always had the “compare” effect on me and it was much easier to focus on my own business.
  3. Having a plan–Before I found Lisa I was just winging it. Having a plan has been life-changing for my business. I’ve gone from 6k Facebook followers in the first 9 years of my business to earning an additional 5k followers in less than 8 months. My daily Facebook reach went from approximately 400 people a day to a 4k people a day all because I have a clearer focus on what I want.

What have been your most helpful takeaways from the Luminaries Club?

Being a part of the Luminaries Club has helped me to know that I’m not alone in the struggles. I was able to find answers to my questions or problems, and found suggestions on how to be better. But most of all, Lisa speaks like you’re right there in the room! I get ideas on how/why to move forward, but no “do it like this or your business will fail.”

Why are you excited to welcome more entrepreneurs to our club?

The biggest thing I have experienced is the drive to keep going and moving foward—even on the days I struggle. Since joining the Luminaries Club, I feel a confidence and a drive to keep moving forward that I have never received anywhere else.

If you have a passion for your business, then you should not give up. When you struggle to get anything accomplished, remember it’s a season and we’re not on this journey alone.

Thanks, Kristine! I admire your dedication and persistence.

You Like Growth and Expansion?

We all talk a big game when it comes to our goals. We dream of becoming recognized and respected, relying on our income, and hiring help someday. In order to achieve that, you must create a better system and employ better strategies! You need a trusted advisor, one who has the experience and skills that will take you to the next level.

I’m officially applying for the job!

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The Luminaries Club is the best secret society of successful entrepreneurs on the market, and we’re standing by to welcome you to our ranks.

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