Featured Luminaries Club Member Review: Lana Chirco Baltz

The Luminaries Club is my privately-hosted membership program that’s filled to the brim with tools, resources, and trade secrets that will help you take your business to the next level. Inside, you’ll find a place to connect, recharge and reimagine your success. Think about it for a minute …

What if your career were different?

Imagine knowing where your next month’s paycheck is coming from and feeling confident about how much you can earn. Imagine a set-it and forget-it system that builds your following, increases your sales and markets your products while you sleep. Imagine having a realistic plan that guarantees profit and growth.

I’ve taken countless businesses from a state of uncertainty to top-selling industry leaders. Through my club, you’ll learn how to thrive and endure in online business. There’s an unlimited amount of commercial space available to you, I’ll help you conquer every square inch of it.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be spotlighting members of the club and sharing their reviews publicly. I have no words to express how proud I am of this group and their ongoing commitment to their individual callings. The Luminaries take the knowledge and strategies they learn inside the club, customize it to fit their businesses, and work hard to create better results every day. If you’re bringing the same dedication and persistence to your career, I can help you channel your efforts into extraordinary results.

I know many of you are trying to decide if The Luminaries Club is right for you. I asked club member, Lana Chirco Baltz of Honey Croon to share her thoughts.

Lana had a career in the beauty industry and worked in film styling hair. When she became a new mom, she left work to focus on her growing family. Three years later, Lana opened Dragonfly DuLou, a children’s lifestyle boutique where she sold natural toys, clothing, and accessories in addition to hosting special events such as classes, birthday parties, and community fundraisers.

In this video, Lana shares tips on establishing your company’s brand.

After 11 years of being in business, and with her kids getting older, Lana was ready to move on. She closed the business in January 2016. Now she is starting a new chapter, a business called Honey Croon. Here’s what Lana had to say about The Luminaries Club.

Lana on The Luminaries Club™

What’s something we should know about your journey thus far?

I’m a startup business and excited to have worked with Lisa in the Summer Shift and at the Your Best Year 2018 Launch Party!

Why did you hire Lisa to help?

I’m a huge fan of Lisa’s blog—everything I’ve read has resonated with me. Although we recently started working together with the Summer Shift, the guidance and task list she’s given me for my business venture (after one phone session!) were spot on. I love Lisa’s authenticity and gumption. A great combo for a great mentor, and did I mention, she really truly deeply cares.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in business?

Figuring out the logistics and creating a great product. As a startup, going in a new direction and the amount of work to be done can be staggering. There are so many moving pieces that I sometimes get lost not knowing where to focus my attention.

It’s easy for me to do a brain dump, and take in all that needs to get done. However, without a clear plan as to how to expedite everything, it’s easy to want to throw in the towel—it’s THAT overwhelming.

I just finished the Summer Shift with Lisa and together, with her supersonic mojo visionary powers, she helped to create ORDER for me. Lisa stepped in, saw the big picture, broke it down into actionable steps that I could implement so that I am no longer spinning my wheels. She even estimated how far she believes I am with some of these projects rating it with a percentage: 50% here, 60% there, etc. Acknowledging my progress like that has been enormous.

I’m now feeling at ease and excited, knowing I can chip away at my actionable items, move toward my goals, check things off my list, and see where this journey takes me.

What have been your biggest takeaways from The Luminaries Club?

The lifetime membership so I can revisit all the valuable and plentiful information again and again!

There is so much currently in the Club, one needs a lifetime membership to truly benefit from all the knowledge stored there. The fact that Lisa is constantly growing the Club with new content all the time is so wonderful!

I am still fairly new to the Luminaries community but when I pop onto Facebook and read a bit from other members, I get so inspired! The “live” events I’ve attended inside the private FB group have been so much fun! When I first started following Marketing Creativity™ and learned of the Luminaries Club™, registration was closed. I found myself hoping for the opportunity to collaborate on some level with this intelligent powerful creative group of women all loaded with the utmost of gumption to boot.

I had to HAVE IN!

You know when you get that gut feeling? Well, your gut is never wrong. It’s like being a “King’s Woman,” these women are unstoppable, and now I’m member of this almighty  club!

Why are you excited to welcome more entrepreneurs to our club?

There’s soooo much here! A treasure trove for anyone doing business online!

Thanks, Lana! We are so glad to have you among our ranks!

The Luminaries Club

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I’m officially applying for the job!

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