Happy Thanksgiving

I’m off the rest of this week to savor Thanksgiving, which is one of my most treasured holidays to celebrate. I love the space it holds. 

That’s what I feel when I think of Thanksgiving day: a sacred spaciousness. The holiday was built on gratitude, and that’s what makes it feel so expansive, holy and pure.

I always lead the prayer at my family’s table, and it’s never not emotional. It’s followed by a delicious meal, good wine and continued prayers of gratitude. It’s a full day dedicated to all that we love and hold dear.

I Am So Grateful

  • I am grateful for my husband, for how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown together. I thank my lucky stars to have such love on every level with my life partner.
  • I am grateful for my children: Four beautiful, healthy babies, and all so equally delicious and amazing! My oldest two have come into their teenage years, and I find it challenging to be the parent they need + the friend they want. Sometimes I need to say “no”, but I want them to still like me! 🙂 I realized the other night that my four will make hundreds, if not thousands of friends in their lifetime, but they’ll only ever have one mother. I’m so grateful I get to be her.
  • I am grateful to be an American, and I will be forever indebted to the brave men and women who serve and sacrifice for our country every day. Thank you.
  • I am grateful that I spend my days following a passion that consumes me, and that what I love = my life’s work! What an amazing gift that is, and how fortunate I am, not only to have discovered what I love + want from life, but to have the freedom and the means to chase it every day.
  • I am grateful for my clients and their collective camaraderie. They are where my professional attention has gone this year, and it’s been the most rewarding + connected period of my entire career. The Luminaries have inspired + impressed me beyond words. I’m so proud and thankful to work with such an amazing group of women.
  • I am grateful for the refrigerator that keeps my food fresh, the hot running water in my bathrooms, the electricity and entertainment in my home, and the fact that I’m writing to you on the internet right now. It’s easy to forget that people in our world still live without these everyday luxuries.
  • I am grateful for coffee, turkey, wine, pie, and more wine … in that order 😉

I am so thankful you’re here.

And what makes this coming year so different and so special is this: I’m not only going to appreciate these beautiful gifts in my Life, I also vow to feel deeply and absolutely worthy of them. I will break free of outworn patterns of “not good enough” or “undeserving.” I will clear space for MORE to be grateful for, receptive of MORE good things in my Life.

Behind the scenes here, things are changing. I’m changing. My focus is stronger than it ever has been before. My head is clear. My priorities are straight. My goals are front and center, and I’m running full speed ahead. Look out 2018, here I come.

I deeply appreciate our connection. I hope you’ll be enjoying your own version of Thanksgiving filled with peace, love, good food, and lots of relaxation. Sending so much love and my best wishes,

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  • Thanks Lisa, I’m from England and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but loved your post and words of gratitude – I know that to write those words you must feel it and mean it. I like your strength, vision and honesty, enjoy the rest of 2017 and bring on 2018!

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