New Year for a New You Review: Day 5

It’s day five of the annual New Year for a New You series with me, Lisa Jacobs! Welcome back for your next dose of review and reflection.

I want to wish you a Happy New Year’s Eve! If you’re just joining me, here’s how it works: I’ll offer you a new list of prompts and review questions every day through Tuesday, January 2.

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Each day, I answer the same questions and post them as examples. You’ll find my thoughts from the previous day before the next set of prompts are issued. If you want to blog your answers as well, I’d love to read them. Please link up in the comments below or use #yby2018 on social.

At whatever place you start or pace you take, I’m honored you’re here.

New Year New You with Lisa Jacobs

We’re going to wrap this series with some intentional goal-setting for the New Year. Thank you all so much for jumping down this rabbit hole with me. I love reading comments regarding how “challenged” everyone has felt this week! That’s so good! Because if you’re not challenging, stretching and moving in the right direction, you’re standing still.

Here are my answers to yesterday’s prompts …

Choose a Direction 2018

:: What would you do in 2018 if you knew you could not fail?

  • Add an overseas trip to my already exciting travel line-up
  • Buy a piece of commercial property
  • Host a giant launch party in New Orleans!

:: What are some things you could be doing that you’ve been too afraid to try? How can you stretch your comfort zone?

Remove “either” and “or” from my thinking more often. For example, this morning I signed up for Beachbody On Demand, and I have a gym membership. I’ve wanted to try Beachbody and Shakeology (the company’s signature smoothie mix) for almost two years now, but my thinking was: I could have a gym membership or an expensive at-home workout program.

I decided I could have both and thereby eliminate any excuse not to get in great shape this year.

:: What have you been struggling with for entirely too long?

Lack of self-care. I haven’t been putting it first, and so I’ve been putting it off. And I’m not talking about expensive treatments, such as massages and spa days (though I love them!). I’m talking about more simple, daily practices: hot baths, meditation, facials, stretching, journaling, and gratitude exercises.

In 2018, I’m trying out a new daily routine where self-care comes first, service to others comes second. I’m really excited to see how it goes!

:: What could you outsource, delegate, automate, and/or stop doing in 2018?

I can outsource …

  • my inbox
  • event planning
  • editing

I can automate …

  • my sales campaigns

I can stop ….

  • blogging weekly
  • emailing weekly

:: In what ways and which areas will you “upgrade” your life?

I am going to upgrade by simplifying everything. I want to feel like I’m into the heart of the matter more often, and learn to be more grateful in the present moment instead of constantly pushing ahead.

Today’s Prompts

I want you to start thinking about time as a precious, non-renewable commodity. Time is the most precious resource you have on Earth, and the majority of people are burning it. Know the value in each of your 24 hours every day. Create a practice of asking yourself: If this moment were a dollar, am I investing it or burning it? Consider the following questions …

1. What are your main priorities in life (i.e., family, profession, marriage, personal wellbeing, etc.)? List them in order of importance.

Time graph: Your Best Year 2017

2. Use the graph above to chart how you invest your time during a typical 24-hour period. (This graph and exercise are an excerpt from my best-selling annual workbook, Your Best Year 2018. You’re welcome to draw your own graph or print the image above).

3. Does your time chart (where you’re spending your hours) reflect the priorities you listed in question 1, and in the correct order?

4. How might you rearrange your schedule for better results?

Thank you for joining me on Day 5 of this 7-day series! See you tomorrow with a new list of prompts and my example answers to today’s questions.  It’s time to make your big dreams happen already.

Here’s to Your Best Year yet,

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