What Dreams May Come

Hello there! It’s been awhile since my last post. First and foremost to all of you who have kindly asked, my family and I are healthy and well. Nothing’s changed except for my career path. And as I’ll share here, that was a somewhat unexpected series of events.

One Year Ago …

I woke up from the best dream I ever had last February. It was so good, I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs into my husband’s lap, and whispered all that had happened just before I woke into his ear. The dream left me floating on clouds for weeks.

In it, I walked into an office building that looked like it belonged in San Francisco (my favorite!). I visited their modern conference room where we discussed the details of a job that seemed made for me. They explained that I would consult on strategic business development and marketing plans for a variety of business owners, which is my sweet spot. I’d bring my ideas and insight, their talented and friendly team would support the rest.

In this dream, it was impossible not to consider the position because it was the work I love to do minus everything else I have to do to keep a business running and growing. I wanted that position more than anything I’ve wanted professionally for a long time.

After a brief description of the job in the company’s conference room, a man presented me an offer on a piece of paper—it was glorious and good, and I so badly wanted to take it. Instead, I mustered up the courage to ask for more.

To end the dream, I smiled at the man in front of me, tapped the paper and said, “More.” He smiled back and agreed.

I didn’t do anything about the dream. Frankly, I didn’t believe it was possible because I didn’t see how my experience would translate. After a few weeks, I forgot all about it.

When Goals Lack Purpose

I had my most profitable year in business in 2017. Just so we’re clear, this isn’t that story. My company didn’t run out of money, but it did run dangerously low on purpose.

At some point and without their active consent, my family and my business coupled up. My husband and children were all employed by my company part-time, and it was taking over our home and our lives. I felt entirely consumed. We all needed air.

You may recall at the start of last year, I began to discuss the difference between have-to’s and must-do’s. I often write what I myself am most needing to hear …

“It is time to ditch the have-tos and embrace the must-dos! This step enables you to protect your creative space. It eliminates unnecessary have-tos, and we all know what those are: ‘I have to blog, I have to post on Instagram, I have to pin 18 pins today. I have to …, I have to …., I have to …’ We have a million have-tos looming on our to-do list.

Instead, I urge you to brainstorm your must-dos. Those dreams on your heart, those true callings, your purpose—whatever you want to call it, the must-dos need to be birthed.”

Change was crying out for me, but it was cryptic and strange. Business was booming, my training programs are still producing amazing results, and my books continue to sell better every year. Yet, I couldn’t get behind the next set of necessary goals.

In business, you’re either growing or shrinking. I’ve always known this, so for years I was determined never to rest on my laurels. I shattered income ceiling after income ceiling, and in order to continue on that path, I needed to break the 7-figure mark this year and expand the company. It was either grow, or stall out and shrivel up—so that was the new goal.

The only problem with that goal was that I didn’t want it.

And I was struggling, but successful. I was consumed and busy, but missing out on everything that mattered most. I was with my family all the time, but disconnected. Still, I convinced myself I had to make it work. The business either shrinks or grows!

During my new and insatiable expedition to find motivation toward a goal that I was realizing more and more each day I didn’t want to pursue, I booked a trip to CreativeLive to attend Tabatha Coffey’s class and reconnect with the crew out there.

One segment was dedicated to fear: “Fear is paralyzing … you need to take action to move through it.” We’ve all heard this before, right? I know you’re familiar, it’s your story. Your comfort zone has been tried, tested, expanded, and shattered at times. Some of you have probably accepted that discomfort is the new comfort zone—the uncomfortable zone!

Tabatha spoke on fear for nearly twenty minutes, but for one brief moment she spoke to the contrary of tackling fear (as we all have trained ourselves to do). She said, “Sometimes fear goes, ‘slow down, you are just going too fast. The train’s going to come off the tracks if you keep going this fast. You’re not even looking around you.'”

It struck me like a bolt of lightning. My work in the business had become forced and fast. I was threatening to run the train off the tracks, and I hadn’t looked around in a very long time.

Remember Why You Started

I didn’t start this business to run a multi-million dollar company. I never meant to take over our home and consume my family’s lives with my entrepreneurial pursuits. In 2010, I started a business because I wanted to live an inspired life and contribute to my family’s income. I wanted to maintain my presence at home and continue to be there for them.

I came home from Tabatha’s class on the red eye flight out of San Francisco. I walked in from the airport as my husband was making coffee on his way to work. I asked him to sit down, relayed Tabatha’s comment, and told him, “I’m getting my resume together today.”

He agreed with a deep sigh of relief. We both knew it was time.

As though all the signs were cued up for me, I watched The Greatest Showman with my family that weekend. I cried through the song, From Now On.

For years and years
I chased their cheers
The crazy speed of always needing more
But when I stop
And see you here
I remember who all this was for

As I was preparing my resume last March, I figured it would take about a year to find the perfect fit at the right company. I had a full plan in place to tie things up with a pretty bow, schedule everything else, and set my business to auto-reply.

And then, all of a sudden, I got a call from a company only several miles from my home—one I didn’t even know existed. The CEO hosted the interview, and I immediately remarked at the vibe of the office. It was bright, modern, and welcoming. As soon as we met, I told him the place reminded me of San Francisco.

We discussed the details of the position. He explained that, if I were to accept the job, I would consult on strategic business development and marketing plans for a variety of business owners, as well as the company itself.

There was a suggested salary that was glorious and good—it met my income goal and covered all of my needs. Instead, I asked for more. He happily agreed.

Answer What Calls You

I didn’t remember the dream I’d had until months later. I was on a walk with my husband describing some of my new responsibilities and what I love about my position, when I stopped in my tracks and grabbed his arm. I gasped, “My dream!” I still get an intense case of the goosebumps when I share that story. I can’t believe it came true.

I’m so grateful for this business and our connection, and it still remains—even though I’m no longer actively participating full-time. I’m rooting for you from the sidelines, wishing every calling arrives clear and unhindered.

My website remains alive and well. My methods have been proven beyond online business, and the same strategy is on its way to dominating another industry. My work still lives on my website and inside my training programs, should you need my advice.

As for what’s to come, I plan on repurposing a lot of my content, dusting off the virtual shelves from time to time, and gradually releasing a few final tools and resources. I’m trying to find my pace and learn my new rhythm of life.

Most of all, I continue to wish you every happiness. Here’s to your best year yet!

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  • thank you for sharing your life update! It’s a relief to know that you’re good and just chasing new dreams! Have fun at your new job! I’ll keep enjoying your books, every time I need a (motivation / focus) boost 🙂

  • I’m so beyond happy that you put your family first. No business is worth sacrificing and not being able to enjoy every moment you’re given with them. While I miss a constant flow of new updates from you, I am 100% glad you’re happy and content with where your life is now. And thank you for keeping all your content up so that I can reference it whenever I need it.

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