What happened to Lisa Jacobs?

For those who may’ve been wondering, what happened to Lisa Jacobs? This update’s for you!

First of all, thank you for your care, concern, and consideration. I appreciate you, the letters you’ve written, and the good wishes you’ve sent my way! The short answer is: the most ordinary and simple good things happened to Lisa Jacobs — I’m gainfully employed, my four children are growing up way too fast (like everyone else’s, I imagine), my marriage is lovely and strong, and I’m working through my pandemic struggles along with the rest of the world.

If you’ve wondered about me, it’s probably because I so publicly shared everything about myself, and then I suddenly went very private. To be honest, I’m still processing that transition and why it happened so abruptly. All I’ve known for certain was that it was time for change. And the only thing that really changed at all was my inclination to publish publicly. I still work on all the same things, but I took my act offline for a season.


If you recall from my last update, I left my business for the corporate world—I went into marketing for the financial industry (banks, insurance products, etc.). And, I’m glad for it. In three years, I learned so much about corporate structure, departmental organization, team building, oh and the bureaucracy and politics! I found the experience fascinating and infuriating in equal parts.

I just changed careers again, and I’m excited to say that I’m back in the creative industry. I recently became the Head of Operations (internally known as the Integrator) for Bonnie Christine. Many of you know who she is, either via your own discovery or my many mentions over the years. She’s been one of my favorite teachers and dearest friends in business, and now she’s my new boss!

Bonnie’s a hugely successful Surface Pattern Designer (which means, she turns her sketches and drawings into patterns, and then those patterns make up fabrics, prints, home decor, and more).

I wrote this about her in 2018: “Bonnie started her career from scratch—’doing one thing every day’ toward her dreams. She inspires me beyond words. She teaches in a way that’s uplifting, crystal clear, and delightful. I’ve read reviews where her students say, ‘I’d tune in to watch Bonnie teach how to drink a glass of water.’ <<< She’s *that* engaging. [I am, and always will be an admirer, advocate, and affiliate of Bonnie’s work.]”

I believe in her even more today! I’ve been with Bonnie going on seven months now.

Ever since I archived my business, I’ve received emails, suggestions, comments, and questions. I’ve greatly appreciated the outreach. When I interviewed for my current position, Bonnie told me, “I felt like there was a Lisa-sized hole on the internet when you left.” I’ve been incredibly humbled to hear from those of you who also felt my absence. One of my favorite, long-time readers takes the time to write me suggestions, offering tips for repurposing and auto-scheduling my online presence (you’re an absolute treasure, Lidys). All she wanted in return was a new blog and maybe an email once a while – not too much to ask! LOL

I’m writing today to tell you, I’m here for it.

Being back in this inspirational world has left me feeling inspired again. Leading a team of creative women fills me with purpose and a new sense of determination. Working alongside a CEO whose vision and integrity I believe in makes me feel hopeful and alive. Being surrounded by loving and courageous entrepreneurs makes me feel like I’m coming home.

And you’re like my hometown friends and family – I wanted to let you know I’ve moved back here again.

Here’s What Hasn’t Changed:

Every day I study so that I may improve. I still seize every opportunity I get to teach what I’m learning. I still ask thought-provoking, results-oriented questions of myself and others. I still hold space and have a magnetic connection to entrepreneurs (I worked with hundreds of individual business owners in my last position, and now I’m back at it with thousands of creative entrepreneurs from Bonnie’s world—I joke that I can’t escape them!).

I actually have a lot to catch up with you about. I’ve been planning how our conversations might go for several months now, and I have some starter topics at the ready. I’ll explain better my shift from marketing to operations, as well as share more about my work as an Integrator (it’s my calling). I think it’ll be interesting for all stages of business owners to hear. I’ll share what I’ve been studying to make the most impact on both my life and profession, I can hardly wait to dive into the systems and structure that every entrepreneur needs to borrow from the corporate world (and vice versa).

Most importantly, I want to find out how you’ve been and what’s most pressing in your life right now. If you have a moment, please leave me a comment—tell me how you’re doing, show me what you’ve built, what you’re working on, or how you’re holding up these days. Are you okay?

In the meantime, I plan to be better at keeping in touch. My emails will come again at a frequency of once a month on Sundays. I’ll repurpose those on the blog, in case you miss one along the way. Up until now, I fell out of practice. I got rusty. I had some fears holding me back, but now I’m over here like the Tin Man oiling his joints.

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  • I’m so glad to see you back again! I always enjoyed your articles and I purchased your workbooks – I’ve kept them (of course) and still refer back to them from time to time.

    My little Etsy tea shop has continued to grow and is now a lovely supplement to our retirement income, perfect for traveling, going out with friends and gifts for the grands. My next steps are to increase my wholesale customers by at least six, and to add my own site (in the works). Advertising and getting my current customers to switch over to my shop instead of purchasing on Etsy, plus creating a twice monthly newsletter are the things I will be working on in the upcoming year – just in case you’re looking for things to write about.

    I look forward to reading your blog.

    Keep up the good work,

  • I miss a lot of old time bloggers who just disappear, but I am just as happy when they return or they pop up in my blog feed and I feel glad I didn’t remove yours from my Feedly feed! Taking a break is healthy, and sometimes exactly what we need!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you Lisa, take care!

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