The Uncomfortable Zone: It’s Lovely Here

Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.–Robert Allen

A friend of mine wants to earn more money. He’s tired of being broke, and absolutely sick of his unreliable and measly paychecks. He stresses over money so terribly that I avoid discussing the subject with him–I literally shiver off the bad energy he puts on anything that has to do with personal finances. I offer him my articles, advice, and e-programs for free. He’s decided none of it applies to him. His misery is his comfort zone.

What I’ve come to realize is this: Life always answers your call. Always. When you’re tuned into Life’s abundant flow, you receive just what you were looking for–every time. Shortly after our talk, my friend was challenged with a huge workload. He wanted more money, and so came the work that will pay. He did what he had to do, neglected the rest, and ended up back where he started from: his miserable comfort zone.  If you ask for more, you better understand what you have to do to get it …

Because what you want will never be delivered to your comfort zone!

The Uncomfortable Zone |

If you desire a full and extraordinary life, comfort zones are incredibly dangerous ruts. I’m currently being challenged in this lesson. My youngest child is headed off to school, and I want to build the career of my dreams from all the things I love to do. I love to play with beads and I think spirituality breathes inside of gemstones = the Energy Shop. I love to work out, and making up dance routines is one of my favorite things to do = Zumba. My dream career is actually an umbrella of activity: I love all things that contribute to the wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

My comfort zone has been tested more in the last year than ever before in my life. The Energy Shop started out easy enough, as I hid in my office and sold jewelry online. However, I realized I wanted more than that, and I started to attend shows and craft festivals. I’m a new Zumba instructor, and I rent my own halls and cross my fingers that students will show. And last night, I taught a class in front of 80 college students! I gotta say, my nerves are SHOT, but in a really good way. Putting yourself out there is vulnerable and exhausting. At times, I’m so afraid of rejection that my knees literally buckle under my weight.

And every time I channel that nervous energy into an awesome show or performance, I’m amazed at the things I’m accomplishing that I never thought possible. I am pushing the boundaries. I practice what I constantly preach to my beautiful children,

“If you WANT extraordinary things from this life, you have to BE extraordinary in everything that you do.”

If I’m honest, I’m scared. Like, A LOT. But, I’m really happy and excited too. I’m writing to you from Wellington, New Zealand, which just goes to show that pushing your boundaries leads you to extraordinary places! So, go cross YOUR own boundaries. The world is in motion, all you have to do is flow with it.

That’s ME posing with fur seals with my children on Cape Paliser, New Zealand

And REMEMBER: Life always answers you, so if you have a question, just ask it!

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