Build Your Own Creative Business: Packaging 101 {Day 7}

Build Your Own Creative Business: Test Your Product's Marketability {Day 2}

Welcome back to the Build Your Own Creative Business 31 Day Series! This is {Day 7} of the program (click here to catch up from Day 1). Today I want to discuss product packaging. It’s an incredibly important part of selling online because it’s the first time you make a physical impression with your customers, and it’s what can turn one sale into a lifetime of repeat business.

Here are a few things to consider when packaging your product:

Packaging Your Product

Priority number one is getting your product to the customer intact and properly packaged. Consider your experiences with shopping online in the past. When your order shows up at your door, the business either (1.) WOWs you!, (2.) is an average experience delivering exactly what you expected, or (3.) disappoints you in some way. Your goal, of course, is to WOW your customers every time.

As I said earlier in the series, I like to buy my shipping supplies in bulk. Wholesale envelopes and boxes are much less expensive in larger quantities as compared to buying them individually. A quick Google search for wholesale shipping suppliers will get you started.

Additionally, I’m always looking for ways to improve my packaging, as it means a lot to branding. Keep an eye out for new and improved packaging ideas on Pinterest. Here’s a great example of a delivery that WOWs:

Shipping and Packaging Your Product for Your Creative Business via Marketing Creativity

Ship-To and Return Labels

These can and should tie into your branding. For the Energy Shop, I have my logos and matching font printed onto return address labels and stamps. I print the ship-to address by hand, and I try to keep the entire outer presentation of the package clean and neat.

For a faster and more convenient approach, you can also print the ship-to out on the computer (Both Etsy and Paypal offer this feature). The following companies are good for shipping labels and business cards, among other things: Vistaprint | Moo | Next Day Flyers. And I repeatedly order my address stamps from Tickled Pink Paper + Ink on Etsy (she can do just about any font or logo). The pin-friendly return address stamp below comes from Primele, also on Etsy.

Shipping that WOWs for your creative business via Marketing Creativity

The Finished Product

My product ships inside of a padded envelope, labeled as described above. When you open the envelope, you find my jewelry in a colored box with a personalized, printed box top that lists the meaning of the gemstone used. It’s wrapped in ribbon with a matching business card tucked neatly inside.

My packaging has evolved over time, and yours will too. Continually strive to improve and personalize the experience. If you find yourself amazed and delighted by something that comes in the mail, ask yourself: What’s making this feel so good? Why does this piece of mail feel special? And then ask: How can I add some element of this pleasant experience to my creative business?

Energy Shop Jewelry Packaging via Marketing Creativity

What do you do to make your orders feel special upon receipt?

That’ll do it for Day 7. See you next time and all the best~

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