How to WOW Your Customers and Keep them Coming Back for More {Day 29}

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This is {Day 29} of my 31-Days to Build Your Own Creative Business series! I’m so thankful you’re here, and if you’re just joining me, you can click here to catch up from Day 1Today we’re talking about customer service: How to WOW your customers and keep them coming back for more! Let’s get straight to it:

Consider every customer a repeat buyer

The majority of my first-time buyers become my repeat customers, and you better believe I honor that bond. I urge you to take a step back the next time you get a sale and see the bigger picture. Don’t think of any sale as a one-time deal; always treat each order as if you’ve just earned a loyal customer for life.

Let your listings reflect this. How can you anticipate the needs of your customer in every listing? Do they know you have a necklace to match those earrings? Do they know you make soft, knitted throws that will match the scarf they just bought?

You are the expert in your field. The customer came to you because you have knowledge and talent that they appreciate. That means your shop is full of items that they want. Own your expertise, and be each customer’s personal stylist by using your listings to suggest what other products you have that will work for them.

Throw customer appreciation sales

When I reach a landmark goal, say 100 sales, I celebrate by creating a deal in which I don’t lose, but the customer clearly wins. The listing price pays for cost and materials, but I don’t profit. I typically lower shipping costs to make it as much of a bargain deal as I possibly can. These sales are fun for the customer, and I know they enjoy the special treatment.  I appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude for them.

In fact, I’m hosting a customer appreciation special right now. Check out my example by clicking here.

Host a private sale

This year, I will host my fourth annual Friday before Black Friday sale. It is, by far, my biggest sales weekend of the year. I build stock for it, and customers have come to anticipate it. For this sale, I offer a 40% discount–which is wholesale pricing for the Energy Shop. At that rate, I’m still able to get paid for my time and turn a business profit.

This is how I run the sale:

Thursday Night: The customers on my email list get an exclusive invitation to the sale. Since stock is limited, my list gets first dibs. I make sure to let them know that they’re getting the jump on the crowd.

Friday before Black Friday: I publicly announce the sale via social media, I’ll pay to boost the post and do about $50 advertising with a Facebook ad.

Sunday before Black Friday: I make a “Last Chance!” email and announce it on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

The results: From last year, approximately 60 sales and $800 profit (after cost of materials and fees) in one weekend. This was actually my least profitable Friday before Black Friday sale. I was focused on a new project at the time, and I wasn’t able to create new designs or list as much variety as I would have liked going into that annual event.

This sale allows me to clear out old inventory and prep for the New Year, where I’ll ring in new designs and refresh my storefront. The Friday before Black Friday is a special event in my shop; it’s a weekend I look forward to all business-year long.

Offer free shipping

Free shipping has tested as one of the very best sales you can offer your customers. People simply don’t like the added amount at check-out; it’s not a fun surprise! I always offer free shipping in December, and my products already come gift-wrapped. If you want to ship 5 bracelets to 5 of your friends, I’m happy to eat the shipping costs!

Calculate what this would really cost your business, and see if you can swing it. Because of the price of my products, free shipping only equals a 10% discount off every order … that’s completely doable for me. How much would free shipping cost you?

Give them a reason

Give those customers a reason to return! Offer them a discount, upgrade their packaging, or include a postcard about something that’s happening next month! Think of ways you could surprise your customer and go the extra mile. Have a marketing plan in place to ensure each season will boost the next season’s business.

That’ll do it for Day 29!

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