If I Knew I Could Not Fail, I Would …

This month I am going to take a page out of my own book, and write from the 27 blog topics you can’t wait to write about and your readers can’t wait to read.

I feel as though I talk a lot about topic number one: how I manage my time and structure my day. I write monthly reports that break my schedule down for everyone to see. Therefore, I’m starting with topic number two …

If I Knew I Could Not Fail | Marketing Creativity

I’m anxious to share, but this is something that I think about all the time. If I knew I could not fail, I would…

  1. Focus all of my efforts on group coaching
  2. Lead live, in-person workshops for groups of 100+
  3. Host a women’s retreat for 20 creatives
  4. Start a podcast

If I knew I could not fail, that’s what I would do. How about you?

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    • Thanks for sharing. Hearing yours makes me think: that sounds so cool! She should absolutely do that! And that it’s our own inner dialogue and comfort zone holding us back 🙂 Best of luck.

  • Lisa – I’m not sure what I would put on my list. I’ve already done my big thing in life which was to get to the University of Cambridge for which I needed straight A grades and to ace the interview. I scraped in and fulfilled the ambition I set myself when I was nine. No other goal has been as appealing or high stakes for me since. Maybe, having a fulfilling work life whilst bringing up my children well – that could be my goal but it’s a bit wishy washy. However, I’m fairly certain that you wouldn’t fail at any of the things on your list. Go girl, you can do it!

    • Hi Lucy,
      I think there are definitely times in your life when you’ve climbed to the top of the ladder … and then there’s a break before a new ladder appears. Your accomplishments are amazing, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

      + Thanks for your vote of confidence on my list. It feels good to hear you say that <3

  • oooooh I’d love to hear a podcast from you Lisa! You should totally do it! 😀

    If I knew I couldn’t fail….. oooh my that could take sometime. The main thing would be: If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would quit my dayjob, and focus on my online business 100%. Fear and responsibility is big time holding me back at the moment!

    • Thanks for sharing, Ria! That’s a big one, but I love watching you take the necessary steps toward making it happen 🙂

  • Enjoyed reading everyone’s “If I could not fail….” 🙂 Encourages me to think of mine: 1] write a children’s book 2] substantially supplement our family’s income through my creative endeavors 3] be able to professionally photograph children/families in the hospital – I will have to think of #4!

  • Lisa, I’m continually blown away at what you’ve accomplished and the success you’ve created for yourself in such a relatively short amount of time. I say go for it; if anyone can make it happen it’s you! Plus, I’d totally love to hear a podcast by you : )
    As for me, apart from creating a successful online shop (working on that one, slowly but surely) I’d want to create an online community that’s all about the customer experience we provide. I’ve realized that’s what I’m most passionate about and find myself wanting the chance to share, learn, and talk about it together!

  • Great to see what is on everyone else’s list!!! For me it would be quit my job and run my shop full time. I’m working on it but it’s hard work and there aren’t enough hours in the day!!!

    I think I might steal this blog topic and go write a post!!!

  • What a great post idea! I would quit my day job and begin my goal of helping artists succeed in life. Then I would travel around the world exploring different cultures and the art they create.

  • I’ve been waiting anxiously “Your Best Year 2015” and was so happy when it arrived just yesterday! And what a great first exercise! It is a huge step putting your dreams on paper – seeing them staring at you and asking: “So what are you going to do now? Are you going for it or not? Are you so afraid to fail that you’re not even going to try?”
    So, here it goes – If I knew I could not fail, I would:
    1. Completely trust my inner voice;
    2. Open a boutique in Bologna and sell my handmade items;
    3. Seek out local artisans and artists (like-minded people who want to build a business from their passion) and build a network. Teach them to share experiences, resources and collaborate instead of competing and copying each other’s work (pretty much what I see now).
    4. Start a massive campaign to change the perception people have on handmade: I’d like to bust the myth of starving artist and people complaining about the price of handmade items. However, this mindset is perpetuated by the artisans themselves, by trying to compete on the price instead of the quality.

    While the US and Australia have strong communities of “makers 2.0” (artisans who are also entrepreneurs – this is how they are called in Italy), we are completely lacking them. It is a real shame because together we can do so much. The only tentative is made by Etsy Italia Team, but they don’t have yet a true community. I wish I knew how to teach them to be open minded and think outside the box for a change 🙂

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