A Gift Guide for the Creative Entrepreneur

A gift guide for the creative entrepreneur in your life!

A gift guide for creatives

#1 Bullet journal + drawing pens. I have to thank my friend and fellow Luminary, Kara of Boho Berry for this awesome recommendation (and add to my personal wish list). She’s done amazing things (and achieved amazing exposure) with her bullet journal, and I’ve been fascinated by her progress.

#2 Secret Garden. Adult coloring books are everywhere this season, and Johanna Basford’s are even showing up in my local Target store! I love this growing trend, and I think it’s a great way for even the “non-creative” in your life to unleash their inner artist.

#3 Lens kit for smart phones. This is a 3-piece kit I found on Amazon. I was afraid to recommend it without trying it myself, so I ordered it! It was only $10.99 at the time (and currently still is, marked down from $79.99!), and it’s upping my Instagram game for sure.  I’m so glad I grabbed it for the fish eye lens alone!

This kit is just so cool for the price. The lenses are loose, and it comes with a soft, magnetic clip to help secure them over the lens of your smartphone. Here’s an example of what it can do:

Fish eye lens attachment for smart phones

I took this photo of my daughter’s redecorated space, and I literally had to squeeze myself into the corner to not be in the shot!

#4 Selfie Stick. I’m guilty of making fun of the selfie stick, but let’s be honest: Pictures get a whole lot more flattering an extra arm’s length away! I ordered the one pictured here (again, purely for “testing” purposes – 😉 ), and it’s great quality. I didn’t realize they needed to be corded to your phone (as this one does), but I’m sure you can find wireless selfie sticks as well.

#5 Himalayan Salt LampOh my goodness, I wish I would just take the plunge and BUY one of these already! I recently found them in Bed, Bath & Beyond, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve considered this purchase. These are so cool!

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp emit ions that have several benefits, namely air purification. They’re also said to be soothing to the mind, body and soul. Such a great gift!

#6 Your Best Year 2016Of course, Your Best Year 2016 gets a mention on the creative’s gift guide! It’s already earned dozens of 5-star reviews on both Amazon and Etsy, so you don’t have to take my word for it. It’s that good!

#7 Turning ProI read a lot of business books, but I would have to credit Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield as resonating the most with me in 2015. It’s not organized like a typical business book, I’d say it’s written in segments rather than chapters, but the insight within is profound.

#8 Namaste Yoga. A TV channel used to play Namaste Yoga everyday back around 2012-13, and I used to keep a running list of episodes on my DVR. Then I moved out of country, and when I came back, this show was nowhere to be found. I finally located it on Amazon, and found an entire free episode on YouTube. I love this yoga after a long day of creative work. It’s relaxing, not terribly challenging, and it would make a superb gift for the creative entrepreneur in your life!

#9 Watercolor art set + pad. Because who doesn’t love watercolor?

What Did I Miss?

What’s on your creative wish list for the year? Anybody asking Santa for a Glowforge? Stop tempting me with the advertisements already, Facebook! Until next time and all the best,

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  • Oh I love gift guides, especially for entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives! The lens kit is such good value and I’m so intrigued by Your Best Year! Still torn on a planner for 2016 but I’m so goal focused this seems like it’s certainly for me.

    I actually published my own Christmas Gift Guide for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, you might like to take a look and grab some inspiration for yourself! You can find it here!

    Rebecca 🙂

  • Oooh, these lenses actually sound like the perfect gift for my darling’s Galaxy S6! (no lens can salvage the crappy camera on my own phone, so I use a decent camera for most of my photos.)

    Too bad the reviews are really mixed. I suppose that at 10 dollars, you can’t expect much, but I wouldn’t like if a lens broke after normal handing.

    I have a himalayan salt candle lamp, since it was cheaper than the electric lamp. I love it and light it every single morning as I get to work 🙂

    I still have to read anything by Steven Pressfield! I’ve heard great things about his work, but I’ve been wary because I don’t particularly enjoy the coachy “you have to burst through your resistance by force” mentality. Best to just read it and judge afterwards 🙂

  • I love this list, especially a watercolor set. I took up painting a few years ago as a way to be more creative and am hooked.

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