Work with Me: I’m Hiring!

Come and work with me: I’m hiring! I’m seeking a virtual “office manager” for my growing business.

Looking for a virtual "office manager" = make money from home, online!

This is a paid, work-at-home (virtual) position assisting my business operations for this blog (including classes, e-programs, private coaching and more).

Your work would entail …

  • Overseeing production and coaching schedules,
  • Assisting with client services (you will set-up, brief and outline coaching calls, moderate live webinars, respond to routine email requests, etc.),
  • Learning and operating customer relationship management software (Infusionsoft),
  • Helping to build business operating systems (summaries of tasks and services provided, aka a “manual” for future employees),
  • Social media management and scheduling, and
  • Working together virtually on upcoming books, projects and courses

The ideal candidate will have/be …

  • Previous experience with online business (I prefer you have an existing business or start-up idea of your own as this position offers a great learning opportunity)
  • Familiarity with my work and a strong understanding of the mission here
  • Ability to meet deadlines, work independently and make decisions on my behalf, when required
  • An eye for design — you don’t need to be a graphic designer, but you’re able to see the format, design and layout of my site and match it, when needed
  • Ability to travel, with plenty of notice — whether it be at a self-hosted retreat or to assist on a speaking gig
  • Creative in nature, good with details — you’ll be able to help research and plan offline events, take photographs, find images, oversee set-up
  • Ability to think objectively and summarize important takeaways from call or project, create key notes, and list and prioritize action items
  • Ability to communicate clearly and directly

The part-time position (starting at 4-8 hours per week and increasing gradually over time) opens in January, and it offers flexible working hours, a competitive hourly rate, training bonuses, and unpaid leave and vacation (as requested).

Because it’s a starting, part-time position, I not only want to be flexible of your schedule and projects, but supportive of them as well. I’ll do and offer whatever I can to make your business a success, as I know you’ll be committing 100% of your talents and attentions to mine.

Submit Your Application Now:

If, for any reason, you’re unable to see the form on this page, click here to submit your application directly to be considered. I am accepting applications through January 4, 2016. I’ll contact you with more details and a request to interview (via email) if I think we’d be a good match!

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