How to Trust Your Business

When it comes to the security of your online business, how many of you trust your business to always provide a stable and reliable income? Who feels that new customers constantly appear in droves? How many of you know – with absolute certainty – that your business will continue to grow year after year?

More commonly, who feels anxiety even considering the future of their business? This is the question most of us can relate to!

How to trust your business to provide

In 2017, my goal is to help online entrepreneurs do things differently. I want you to focus your hours where they matter and finally create the results you crave. Moreover, I want you to feel confident in your marketing strategy so that you can finally trust your business to provide.

It’s time I publicly shared a personal story that greatly shaped 2016 for me. I’ve mentioned that I broke the six-figure barrier this year, but here’s what you don’t know: A few months before the money came in, I made a firm decision to trust my business and better value my own services.

You have to decide, too

I started to operate as though I were already running a six-figure business. I stopped him-hawing on trivial decisions in both personal life and work, such as, Should I buy that book? Should I upgrade my phone? Should I invest in more business training?

Many of us are so afraid of expenses — we look at upgrades as a direct loss. It’s only during the decision-making process that it feels that way; as soon as you make the decision, you instantly feel richer and do better. This is true for both personal and professional aspects, in fact, they often intertwine.

For example, I chased the same financial issue in my mind for years. My eldest daughter was self-conscious about her smile; the older she got, the more crooked her front teeth became. I had a good idea of how much braces cost, but there were always bills or other financial priorities in the way.

Around the time I was upgrading my business (and after two years of fussing over the cost of orthodontic care), I booked an appointment. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for the braces, but I took my daughter in for a consultation anyway.

At the consultation, I immediately agreed to the cost and terms of service. I decided that I was done chasing this problem; I was just going to solve it. My daughter exploded into happy tears as I filled out the final paperwork.

And then, the most magical thing happened

I made enough to cover the entire bill within two weeks of signing the contract. She hadn’t even started treatment, yet I had paid her account in full.

The moral of the story: I finally trusted my business to provide, and so it did.

I’d like to leave you with two of the toughest questions I answered in 2016. I credit most of my results to my willingness to address them.

  1. Do you trust your business to provide?
  2. Do you trust yourself to follow through on what’s required?

Trust-building for You + Your Business

I shared this very personal story for the first time in Your Best Year 2017: Productivity Workbook and Online Business Planner. In the book, it’s immediately followed by a trust-building exercise you can do to get over your own fears.

That’s why you need this book, there’s truly nothing else like it on the market. Every entrepreneur’s problem is followed by a solution. Every rut is followed by a rope to get you unstuck. Every fear is followed by an empowering action plan.

Online business is truly the land of unlimited profit potential … if you’re willing to do the work. You can’t look at the face of an online entrepreneur’s successful business and forget all that goes into the operation behind the scenes. I liken it to the workings of a car; the beautiful body you see sitting on the wheels is not what makes the machine run.

I spent a lot of time studying that machine this year, and since my favorite thing to do is figure something out and then teach it, I organized all of the tools, strategies, and systems into one extremely efficient package.

Here’s to your best year yet,

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