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I think “marketing” might be one of the least appealing words on the planet. I’ve always wished I had a better way to describe this subject that I’m obsessed with. I’ve called it everything from the more personal “putting yourself out there” to the less threatening “talking shop,” but nothing seems to do it justice.

As if the word itself wasn’t bad enough, the definitions of “marketing” are terrible. I love the act of marketing, and I hate every single way it’s defined. Except for this sentence, which I found on Wikipedia after a lot of dull and monotonous words …

Marketing is used to create the customer, to keep the customer, and to satisfy the customer.

The word is terrible and the definitions are even worse, but there it is. Marketing is everything that involves the customer. Its definition should be, “the act or instance of doing business.” If a thriving business is what you want to have, then marketing is what you need to do. Simply put, if your business isn’t exceeding your expectations, then marketing is the missing link.

Tips on marketing an online business to outrageous success

Now, here’s how it actually applies to you …

You’re severely overestimating the reach of your online presence. Your brand is most likely recognized as intermittent and unreliable. You think you’re showing up in your potential customers’ lives way more than you actually are. You think your outreach is way more significant than it actually is. And all the while, you probably even fear you’re overdoing it.

These are the things I aim to remedy once and for all, so let’s cut straight to the chase.

In online business, this speck represents you

In relation to all that’s happening on the internet, your business is a tiny speck in an infinite universe. As thousands, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands of people find that speck, your business grows in size, reputation, and credibility.

In my new book, Marketing Playbook: Scale Your Online Business to Outrageous Success, I’m going to show you how to create a gravitational pull around your online business that attracts and converts more customers. You’ll no longer merely exist online. You’re going to learn how to become a force so large with a reach so wide that you’ll outshine the competition and corner the market.

Marketing has become a very general term that leaves most business owners feeling overwhelmed. However, “marketing” simply means finding the customers who desire your work, and then pointing them toward it. It’s a service you perform for the people who value your talent.

Marketing Playbook

In this book, you’ll not only learn everything that marketing your online business entails, but more importantly, I’m going to teach you marketing that matters to your bottom line. As a bonus, I’ll show you how to increase and expand your presence online. There’s an unlimited amount of commercial space available to you, I want you to conquer every square inch of it.

During my 10-year career, I’ve built and succeeded at two different types of businesses. I refer to both of these in examples throughout Marketing Playbook. The first was a product-based online store, The Energy Shop. I marketed the shop to sold-out success, and during its run, it was in the top 2% of highest earning storefronts on Etsy.

The second is my service-based business and blog, Marketing Creativity (you are here). I offer marketing strategy in the form of books, online courses, and private consultations. My revenue exceeds a quarter of a million dollars annually, putting me in the top 8% of highest earning websites on the internet.

I know how to make businesses make money, and nothing matters online unless customers stick to it. My marketing strategies have a laser-focus on the numbers that matter in business, and not views, visitors, and followers.

This is something I discuss regularly with the majority of my blog readers who love to watch stats! They say,

Yes! My views are up!
Oh no, my views are down!
I’m not getting any views! What’s going on?!

If you asked these stat-lovers, views are the new currency … only, they’re worth nothing. If I have 1,000 views on my storefront and $0 in sales, those are terrible results. If 1,000 people visit my blog and 0 people subscribe to the email list, that’s an EPIC fail.

Views without sales mean my storefront’s not doing its job, which is to sell my product. Views without subscribers mean my blog’s not doing its job, which is to connect me with like-minded entrepreneurs on the build.

A typical online business strategy looks like this …

Typical online strategy = epic fail

These are random acts of marketing that are not meant to stand alone, as most people use them. They’re tactics being spontaneously misfired, rather than a strategy being deployed. I’m going to show you how to combine your efforts inside of a profit-winning strategy. Your customers will finally be able to rely on you, and in turn, you will finally be able to rely on your business.

While it’s true, you are a tiny speck in a vast and ever-expanding space, let’s imagine your speck has the unlimited potential to grow and fill all the empty space around it.

marketing an online business to outrageous success

Your marketing system is all of your outreach efforts in orbit. With Marketing Playbook, you will create an eccentric force (a push that creates a rotational movement) by creating a consistent message that attracts the right customers. The more customers you attract and retain (orbiting your business), the more powerful its gravitational pull.

The most exciting thing about an effective marketing system is that it makes the right customers want to populate your business. Your customers will never belong to your business, but they will feel as though your business belongs to them.

Marketing Playbook

This is just a *glimpse* of what’s inside Marketing Playbook: How to Scale Your Business to Outrageous Success. It’s the most comprehensive and most affordable training I’ve ever packaged, and I’m so excited to see the results YOU create with it.

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Here’s to your most profitable year yet xx

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