Why They’re Sold Out and You’re Still Struggling

Today I’m going to reveal the truth as to why the competition’s sold out and you’re still struggling. This post is an excerpt from the already best-selling Your Best Year 2018: Productivity Workbook and Online Business Planner.

Buckle your seat belts because, oh boy, here it comes. This is about to be your biggest, baddest year yet.

why they're sold out and you're still struggling

Let’s imagine that you’ve just made an appointment with a world-class business mogul, and that meeting is scheduled exactly one month from today. She’s interested to see what you’re working on, and in exchange for her time and advice, you need to present everything you have so far (website, blog, social media, storefront, etc.).

  • What would you do to prepare your presentation?
  • Which parts of your business would you be ashamed to share?
  • What would you frantically try to correct before the meeting?
  • How would you package your skill set to make it even more appealing?

Therein lie the answers to why they’re sold out and you’re still struggling. There are nagging tasks that each of us knows we should be doing, but we haven’t taken action on them. Either you’re just plain scared to invest or you’re stalled in the face of overwhelm and uncertainty. But the truth is, most of us know exactly what we need to do next … we’re simply not doing it.

a form of laziness

What do you do instead?

More importantly, when you know you should be taking action, what do you do instead? What’s your go-to procrastination technique? Mine’s clicking on the internet, and because you’re in online business, I’ll bet you can relate.

Mindless clicking is a hazard of the job. It’s certainly not productive, and would we even call it fun? No! It’s pure avoidance. That clicking loop (Facebook, Pinterest, email, Instagram, email, Facebook, etc.) is ruthlessly sucking energy from your day and stealing time from your life.

Many of us will find that we give precious time to wasteful internet consumption in our morning routines, in waiting rooms, at red lights, and even during quality time with loved ones. We’re conditioned to do it, but it’s time to question that conditioning.

None of us—not one!—are going to get to the end of our lives and say, “I wish I would’ve replied to more emails.” That’s a fact that we can all agree to, but how we want to spend our lives and where we invest time each day are often a paradox.

What do you need to improve to be top dog in your industry? Take action on it today. Here’s to Your Best Year yet.

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