I met OPRAH!

For the last few months, I’ve been emailing you some highly conceptual research and insight, and the content has been a bit dense. Today, I thought we’d do a light recap + a fun little review.

In January, we revisited goal-setting as a whole—specifically, where are easy choices making your life harder? Along with the 3 D’s for achievement: the destination, the difference, and the deadline. I found the review of that article necessary for myself this morning, and as we close the first quarter of the year, you might find it useful as well.

In February, I shared my 10 key takeaways from Essentialism—a book that’s greatly shaped everything I do these days. Some of the great questions that it inspired:

  • What if you didn’t add anything to your lineup or schedule this year, only subtracted?
  • Would it be possible for you to do less, but better? Is there a point at which doing more does not produce more?
  • Is there a point at which doing less (but thinking more) will actually produce better outcomes?

And finally and most recently, I wrote about 2 concepts that I’ve been studying from the same text: The Paradox of Success and Poietical work. I loved how this content hit a home run with you! My inbox filled with so many of you sharing your a-ha moments, and the key questions we looked at there were:

  • How can you bring forth more from work that already exists?
  • Is your pursuit of success endangering success itself?

These concepts have made me rethink my approach to work and business entirely. And if this content has your gears turning … GOOD! There’s so much more to come!

Today, I’m taking a beat to review the first quarter of the year. I’d be honored to be a reset + reminder toward your biggest accomplishments, and one important aspect of that is to sometimes stop and take a gander at the progress we’ve made so far.

The Survey Says!

In a February email, I included the link to a content survey form to help me plan Sunday emails and other possible projects. Words cannot express the level of gratitude + excitement I felt, thanks to the hundreds of responses that came in. It was like Christmas morning for me, and I appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time.

If you’d like to tell me more about your preferences, it’s not too late! In it, I’m asking:

  • What are you working on right now?
  • What areas of your life and business are you hoping to strengthen?
  • What topics can I cover that might support you better?

Again to those of you who responded: Thank you for the beautiful treasures that I received. I devoured each and every word. You truly made my day!


To the question: “If you could meet anyone in the whole world, who would it be?” My answer has been the same for the last 30+ years: Oprah ❤️ And, I mean Oprah, Oprah, Oprah! I used to watch her show every day after school since the 7th grade. I subscribed to her magazine, I read all of her book club reads, I got Oprah-related things from my husband each year for Christmas—her life planner was one of my gifts this holiday past!

And then, on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, this happened …

I’m honestly still processing and learning from the magic that occurred, but oh my gosh! SHE SPOKE TO ME, she LAUGHED WITH ME, and I was absolutely captivated by her presence—as always.

I immediately felt the pressure to come up with a new answer to this question: “If you could meet anyone in the whole world, who would it be?”

And the day after this was filmed, I decided: Oprah (again) ❤️

12 Big Things

Meeting Oprah came as a result of one goal I set this year: Do at least “12 big comfort-zone busting things.” Meaning, when an opportunity comes up that both excites + scares me a little, I have to go for it. I don’t decide these in advance, I’m simply committed to remaining open to them. And, it’s been so fun to watch what’s come up for me so far!

In January, I answered a questionnaire about Oprah’s new life planner. It resulted in a casting call which resulted in Oprah talking with me (!) during a monthly life class she’s hosting this year.

I saw the opportunity, I imagined the outcome (so big, so exciting, a little nerve-wracking), and I went for it.

I’m loving this challenge because it’s light and easy and low-pressure. I don’t need these little comfort-busting things to pay off, I’m going for them in the spirit of: it’d just be so wild if they did happen! Believe it or not, I think that attitude is the very thing that’s making these big wishes come true.

Until next time and all the best,

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  • So cool you met and had a conversation with Oprah! Very cool. I love the do at least “12 big comfort-zone busting things” this year. I am definitely going to play with this idea. Thanks ; )

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