Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! My 3-day CreativeLive class, Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine rebroadcasts July 3-4, and it’s a jam-packed event. Remember, it’s always free when you tune in live, so save the date!

Here’s what to expect from the course …

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Day 1

Build an Etsy Storefront That Sells (rebroadcasts 24 hours/day from July 3-4)

My greatest fear is that creatives will try to skip this lesson and just tune in for the marketing! I know you want eyes on your shop and sales under your belt, so trust that I’m going to drop tips for gaining a whole lot more of that throughout the entire presentation.

I’ll be referring back on this essential material throughout the 3-day session, so join me to fine-tune and expand your working knowledge of a selling storefront’s key fundamentals.

I’m going to walk you through:

  • The anatomy of a first impression
  • How to perfect your presentation so more visitors will STICK
  • How to fine-tune your offer so more traffic will CONVERT
  • How to avoid common mistakes (that you don’t realize you’re making)
  • What it takes to get your Etsy shop found online

Day 2

Market Your Etsy Shop to Sold-Out Success (rebroadcasts 24 hours/day – July 3-4)

Oh boy, here it comes! I love a marketing home-run, and I have so many  lessons, strategies, techniques, and real-world examples in store.

And that is, by far, my favorite thing about this class: You’ll hear no far-fetched theories, generalized blanket statements, or big business references from me!

This is specific, direct training for creative business owners. I’ll show you marketing strategies that have been proven to work for businesses just like yours, and then I’ll break them down and teach you how to create the same results.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to position your product in a way that makes customers eager to buy
  • How to use social media platforms to your advantage
  • How to create a sustainable income and predictable results

Day 3

Advertising for Creative Business Owners (rebroadcasts 24 hours/day – July 3-4)

Once you have a selling storefront and winning marketing strategy established, it’s time to increase your customer base with advertising. In this mini-session, I’ll show you when and how to advertise your business to customers and gain the most return on your invested budget.

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What CreativeLive Students Say …

“This class is amazing!! The best part was that it was all DIY. I have been told for so long to sub out photography to a professional, but this class is all about investing in yourself. It is so empowering to know how to do these things YOURSELF.”

“Lisa Jacobs is an insightful marketing genius who talks in a language I can understand. This valuable information will help me take my online retail business to the next level. I just had to purchase the class … there’s just so much information to absorb, I want to watch it over and over again and get those valuable bonuses. Loved it.”

“Lisa Jacobs was an AMAZING presenter. I really appreciated the way she presented the course very clear and concisely, but in a very engaging way. She gave very explicit action steps to take, and explained the reasons behind them. I was feeling “stuck” with my business prior to taking this course and constantly wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” when Lisa made me realize that I hadn’t been asking myself, “What haven’t you done yet?” and gave me tons of tips and simple steps to take to further my reach to potential customers and increase my sales. Now I feel empowered again to make some changes and steps to keep moving forward in turning my Etsy shop into a sales machine! I would recommend this course to every Etsy seller – both new and experienced!”

It’s Time!

To get you prepared for my class, I published a FREE seller’s guide to beating the overcrowded market. Because the key to a thriving Etsy shop is not relying on Etsy! Whaaaat? Yes! You read that correctly.

Etsy Seller's Guide: Beat the Overcrowded Market

During our time together on CreativeLive, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of several thriving Etsy shops to show you how they’re actively driving sales and traffic, not “getting found” on Etsy.

And then, I’m going to show you how to create the same results.

I’m going to teach you changes you can make to your storefront that will attract the perfect customers, leaving them hungry to click and eager to buy.

I’m going to walk you through a winning marketing campaign that has created sold-out success for me (and my clients) time and time again.

I’m going to take apart my own “$1,000” email; it’s the exact script I use to repeatedly earn my business over a thousand dollars every time I send it.

To ensure you don’t miss a beat …

  1. Click here to RSVP for my class (remember: It’s always free when you tune in live!)
  2. Once you’re signed up, you’ll unlock your free bonus materials
  3. Click the “Class Materials” tab to claim your free, 23-page guide to beating the overcrowded market

Block your schedule! Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine will rebroadcast free for two days, July 3-4. I can hardly wait to see you there! Until next time,


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  • I am just starting up my Etsy shop agin after being away several years. I really want to take your class but work until 1:30 each day. What can I do to get the whole 3 day cass?

    • Hi, Barbara! Typically, a live class will continue to rebroadcast round the clock during filming. So, for example, last time I filmed there the replay was ready and rebroadcasting about an 1 or 2 later. Keep checking back, or you can purchase the class for on-demand access. Thanks for tuning in!

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