12 Big Things

I am thrilled to share with you 12 Big Things: A Simple Practice for an Extraordinary Year! I hope this post finds you loving the time of year and season of life you’re in right now. I’m feeling such an overwhelming sense of gratitude; I hardly know where to begin.

Here comes that wonderful time of year where we begin to take stock, clear unfinished business, and pave a runway for the coming New Year. I freaking love it. I’d like to share some personal and professional updates of the year, and I absolutely must tell you how they came to be.

I’ve always been a fan of the prompt: “If I knew I could not fail, I would …”—circa 2014, you’ve probably heard me tell what’s come of it many times over. In 2022, however, I tried something different.

12 Big Things

In lieu of a “If I knew I could not fail list,” I challenged myself to do at least “12 big comfort-zone busting things.” Meaning, when an opportunity comes up that both excites + scares me a little, I have to go for it. I don’t decide these in advance, I’m simply committed to remaining open to them. And, I’ve seen incredible results.

This year …

  1. I redesigned my business approach to truly complement my life
  2. I rocked a Karaoke stage
  4. My husband and I asked for help and sought advice to make one of our biggest dreams come true (see #11)
  5. I learned how to play basketball
  6. I built and sold a new offer, The Fast Track Toolkit
  7. I successfully grew outdoor window boxes and planters for the first time
  8. I took my family to their first concert (Macklemore)
  9. I resolved a tax lien against my property I wasn’t even aware of!
  10. I lost weight I thought I wasn’t capable of losing (15 pounds)—and not in a crazy way, but through consistent and habitual practice (weight-training and the Noom app)
  11. We purchased our first Airbnb property in my beloved hometown (!)
  12. ??????????

Ounce of Courage = Pounds of Progress

I look at this list, and it just makes me wonder. How much do we truly get in our own way? I turned 45 years old this year, and I’ve genuinely surprised and delighted myself in what I can and have yet to accomplish.

I think of all the tiny questions I asked, many against my own limiting beliefs.

  • What if there was no feedback? What would I absolutely love and choose to do?
  • What if I filled out this questionnaire? What if I just went for it?
  • How might we make our real estate investment dreams come true without selling our home, being good savers, or crossing our fingers that a huge downpayment will land in our laps? Who can we talk to? Who can we ask?
  • After a lifetime of saying, “I can’t play basketball …”—what if I made that my summer activity with my kids and practiced?
  • What if I bought the gardening supplies and tried to plant some flowers?
  • If nobody wants to buy this program I build, so what? I’m proud of it.
  • What would make us comfortable at a crowded event, like a music concert?
  • Why am I so scared of the whole tax process? What’s there to be afraid of, really?
  • Am I fighting the right battle? And on the right battleground? (< huge for weight loss)
  • How long have I felt too far from familiarity and belonging? How can I get a bigger dose of “home” in my life?

I saw opportunity in the questions above, I imagined the outcome (so big, so exciting, a little nerve-wracking), and I went for it.

I’m sharing this challenge with you because it’s light and easy and low-pressure. I didn’t need these little comfort-busting things to pay off, I went for them in the spirit of: it’d just be so wild if they did happen!

Believe it or not, I think that attitude is the very thing that’s made some of my biggest dreams come true in 2022.

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