The Fast Track Toolkit is Here!

The Fast Track Toolkit is a simple system designed to help you channel your time, energy, and attention into rapid results!  In less than an hour, you’ll have unpacked all the tools you need to audit your schedule, filter your activities through a clarifying purification process, and spotlight exactly what you should be working on […]

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In Lieu of a Landmark

Lately, I’ve been deep in research, thought, and discovery—it’s my hope this message finds you in a similar headspace as we hit the mid-year mark. I spent some time looking back on all that we’ve discussed so far this year, and more importantly, the insightful questions we’ve explored (full articles linked): What do you need to do […]

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Inspired Creation, Effortless Delivery

Over the last several months, we’ve been exploring a new approach to business—everything from the stuff you love to do when you procrastinate to bringing forth more from the work that already exists. And for the record, I’m so genuinely digging this conversation with you. The feedback you’ve sent my way tells me you’re digging it, too. Thank you. Today, […]

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